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Hi all

Im obviously new to all this and this forum.

I would like to start by saying although I'm interested in electronics and gadgets, I have no experience in buildiing them a all =)

I have searched Online for a midi controller to simply scroll through my playlists and load them into decks A or B ( C & D possibly in future ) as I have had no luck finding anything that comes close to what I'm needing, I have decided to try build one myself.

I really don't know what I need but I'm hoping someone from this forum might be able to help / guide me through the steps and let me know what I will be needing.

What I want to build:

As I stated earlier, I'm just after a small usb midi controller.

A few assignlable buttons. I'm think about 3 - 7. And a scroller pot or knob.

I DJ in many clubs and am using the NI audio 4 USB soundcard with Traktor pro for most of my gigs. One thing I hate having to do, is reaching over the laptop load tracks into the decks.

I want to try keep this thing as small and as simple as possible.

1 dial or some form of scroller to scroll through tracks, playlists or favorites ( I know this can be done easily with buttons, but I prefer the feel of the scroller / knob. I also feel it's better for quick track searching) maybe even a push knob scroller to change scroller mode

1 button for scroller mode eg. Favorites, playlists, song lists. (Unles I'm using the push scroller)

1 button for load to deck A

1 button for load to deck B

That's pretty much all I'm after. If I could possibly have LED lit buttons it would make life easier I the dark, although it's preferred, it's not imperative.

And as I mentioned before, I want to keep this thing as small as possible and perhaps in future I could look at expanding things.

I really have no idea what I need or where I need to get the parts to get this project on the way. So please feel free to link any websites or examples ect.

Thanks for your time and I really loo forward to a reply.

I'm keen to get this project started and would love to post my results =)

Oh, one last thing. Reading through a few posts. I believe I will be needing a UMC32 ?

I really don't want to have to install additional software to get this thing going. I really want to keep it plug n play.


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considering the total price (midi interface, frontpanel, time investment in custom code, building), buying the X1 is certainly the best option

the last track of the timecoded vinyl allows you to navigate into your playlist

wait half a sec and the track is loaded into corresponding deck

certainly the same with Timecode CD

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I thought about the x1, but it's just too large and extra equipment I need to lug around.

I didn't realize the last track would enable me to search through tracks. I'll give it a go this weekend.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I still wouldn't mind giving this little idea a go though.

A little project to keep me busy during the week :)

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NI has really improved Traktor , following users feedback.

You should read again the last manual issue, spend some time on NI forum. I've been really impressed by this software, lots of good idea coming from the "old" way of DJing

Moreover, there are keyboard shortcuts :thumbsup: which is the best external controller as it is included into your computer !

Keep in mind that midibox is the way to go ONLY when the MIDI controller doesn't exist. Building something clean, with all the necessary features, takes very long time to newbie.

I understand that there are tons of midiboxes that make dreaming, but believe my advises.

Cheers :smile:

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Best way to start is design what you want it to look like, in Photoshop or illustrator. (or gimp/inkscape)

once you have the layout done, you can start working out how many midibox modules you need.

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all you need is a core running a 452 and an dinx4 one encoder and 10 buttons also a 16x2 lcd

apart from that, some 10 way ribbon cable, some 10way idc connectors and some header pins. I always get them from rapid electronics as they are so cheap for components, you can get the core and din boards from either smashtv or mikes, search the forum for details on these.

the encoder you can also get from rapid or even ebay, same with the lcd.

as for a case you can use an okw case, they are small light and cheap, irecently used one for my mmc box

using the midibox mb64e software you can make a nice little controller that will do exactly what you want.

the first 8 buttons are for the menu system for the unit, handy to have these as you can quick edit them on the 16x2 lcd without connecting to a computer

the next 2 buttons are your load buttons a and b

the encoder is just for scrolling through your library.

hope that helps

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Check out the MidiFighter by DJTechTools. It's compact, has a few buttons (custom ones can have knobs I believe?), and isn't that expensive. :)

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