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opl3 drums register settings


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Hello guys,

i am trying to use opl3 with avr and so far i was able to generate 2/4 op melodic sounds but i am struggling with making any drums, i would really appreciate if you could help a bit.

this is what i was doing so far, lets say i want to generate hi-hat, according to datasheet hi-hat operator uses one operator which occupies registers 0x33,0x53,0x73,0x93,0xf3 for general settins like attack, sustain, etc, and other three registers 0xA6,0xB6,0xC6 for frequency, octave etc, there is a register 0xBD which enables rythimc mode, so this is set to one and when i want to play hihat i set appropriate bit to one as well, but the problem is i cant hear any hihat whatsoever, please could you somebody check what i am doing wrong or if i am missing something. thank you very much.

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Nasrudin, yep i can program a bit and i was checking the mios but i don't like pic assembly because of many reasons ;-)

actually problem solved just a while ago, i got confused with those registers, because sometimes they are described as slots starting with no.1 and sometimes as registers starting at 0, so anyway, thnx :-)

if i can bring this project to the end i believe i will post it here :)

have a nice day everybody

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actually problem solved just a while ago,

It's a good habit to pass the information to the forum if you already solved an issue instead of letting other people reply to an obsolete question.

Otherwise your avatar will be signed with the dreaded "wait 3 days before reply" tag. :rolleyes:

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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