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HUI Interface with LED Meters


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22 hours ago, ssp said:

really thanks for the link !!!!

a very well done commands encoding  !!!

just a question about when a plug in is open the parameters are automatically assigned ?

(from the first to the last also with "bank layers" if the plug in have more than 8 parameter ?

as the rotary encoders on the mackie hui are 8  and the display can show 8 parameters at a time ,

unless the custom midibox ng/hui is not equipped with more than 1 display like 2 or 3 or 4 as for the Mackie C4 model

that have 4 display each with 8 encoders (total 32 encoders good for virtual synths..)

but unfortunately it do not work with pro tools … , because Avid "marketing" policy .. )

more thanks

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