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  1. MidiBox 20 years Birthday what a run : ) Happy Birthday !

        W   O   W          Will be showed to the next Namm and Muzik Messe ? the software sequencer is custom made ?   cheers ps: are you from Zürich ?
  3. After a number of years running up-down-in-out of dozens and dozens and dozens of threads , thousand of posts and hours dedicated / missed   to get all info and helps necessary to complete a MidiBox Unit (Hui controller ,"NG", Sequencer),  at the end for all projects a very extensive knowledge of the C-Code is essential for get a full working unit (unfortunately) , i.m.h.o. MidiBox is a great project because the true "Force" of  this device is the possibility to obtain a customized device controller not available on the market  , (ok so true it require a large number of hours for soldering and assembly (time is money!!! ) + parts cost ) considered that many used midi-usb controllers can be found today for very low price , seem to really not have logical "sense" start with a MidiBox project , But (as wrote above)  the fact that a customized controller device not available on the market can be obtained with the MidiBox projects give to this Device a very strong "force point"   ,  that said , the "issue" about the  extensive knowledge of the C-Code required is a so big limit / stumbling block for a large number of "potential" users  , that have the sufficient electronic knowledge for assembly/soldering  the hardware required , but not for the software settings/customizations , then the question is : There is really not a way to make the "software" project part more "friendly" and simple ?  8-I    
  4. Thanks for post eptheca , ( your "sunglasses" are so cool ) Novation ? No !  do not have nothing similar to that  required , i checked all most knowed manufacturers unfortunately no one have a device as required , (otherwise I would not be here to talk about , but to doing / making music with that device) Have also to say that Mpc "high" series models apart , the rest are all low cost plastic and parts ….so not pro range devices …, so No thanks !!! Cirklon not so bad tool  as concept and device , well built !  But in my humble opinion need a good development / evolution , because the layers concept of parameters block type can be good for save money for data entry parts like potentiometers , buttons , displays , surface panel , and related, but is a big  "Handicap" for fast access to specific parameters edit , that is essential for live performances , in a home or studio situation there is all the time to stop , -> go to parameters block page ,   -> search the parameter , -> edit it and back to play . in a Live performance : NOT ! And why an hardware sequencer in studio ? To spend lot of more time than a software sequencer computer based for do the same things ? ( or less ) For me and so many many many other musicians do not have any sense !!! Apart save as midi file and put it in the hardware sequencer , So Sorry !!
  5. ….. and is what seemed pretty obvious as far as it can be learned from available documentation (about the non profit) not the same for the "C" software part  ( ….for "debutantes" intended , sorry) .    
  6. more thanks for post , …ops  … , are u saying that there are "things/sides" of midi box that cannot be showed by video tutorials for copyright reason and related ?    
  7. hello , and thanks for reply ! ( I extremely envy your logo)  i posted the link only as well , about that i tried to say in what posted , considered the age of this place ,  a New arrival that visit for first time  this nice place would expect some video tutorial , at least for "standard" settings , as showed in that video tutorial , moreover made by a guy that seem to do not have any economic interest about (banners apart).  
  8. That i mean "video tutorial" (beginner-proof) https://youtu.be/NmxoBdEJG28
  9. Designing a Encoder+LEDRing-PCB

    Hello FantomXR, there is  also available a single pcb with 8 rotary encoders  each with leds ring and 1 , 2 or 3 switches "place" as well + cascade connection option for get a single or more lines with 8,16,24,32…. rotary encoders connected in cascade mode ? thanks
  10. Thanks for post "Antichambre" ! Happy to know all that you wrote in the post…,  and happy for you too  (…it seem something like that "unknown paradise secret planet ", … also tax havens ? ) but "Jokes" aside , I seem to have mentioned only about electronics talent and talented guys ( dna )  . the rest is out of the topic , ---------------------------------------- Yess so true !  i'm so happy to have found this place !!!   So endlessly Thanks "TK" to have created it !!! And I would be even happier if it became a bit more "usable" as well for beginners (not electronics experts/talented/tutor assisted…) before internet , youtube , and all other kind of today available free medias , all of this was impossible (i.m.h.o.) is it not true that a video or a picture say what millions of words cannot ? ----------- Ps: The same "information"  can be given in an easy way , understandable to all ,  and in a "complex/messy/wry/twisted" … and related ways …, understandable only for "some" , or also nobody (…… politicians typical style ) …."someone" said that there are no bad students but only bad teachers...
  11. Thanks for post Bruno !  part of reply is on the previous post…. and it is not a "challenge" factor , any day  is a challenge (in these times...) ...in "summary" no possible make simple as possible for not experts the software part ? more thanks !
  12.   Thanks for post Smithy !   Roland ? Elektron ? no thanks ! ! ! (they do not have what me and many others are here for ..) Ok : want a MidiBox ?  Read all documentation about ! (...it had never been done…. by many... ) as wrote above (if you have read it) , the problem is not about hardware solder - assembly and related , but is about the software , please it is really a "crime" ask for a more "easy" to understand "way / media" ? (in the age video tutorials)  And saying : "if you can't  follow the instructions that are already there then maybe this community isn't for you." (Thing that me and so many others are still doing from years / months ) can only confirm the title-topic o the thread , no possible any "evolution" of "basic" instructions documentation for help the many not "experts" ?  re-confirm (again) the "topic" ,  friendly much thanks the same for your post ! ps : …. and about this ?  
  13. Many Thanks Peter !  …I'm re-checking the lot of docs about NG , cause as wrote synth programmer is always the n. 1 device i need to have (a.s.a.p.) the SEQ for live performances is n.2 of the "list" as i like the "unconventional" cool options it have , but due to some limitations of the same , i have to keep using my Akai mpc 4k and 5k (Tanks….. ,  Mpc X still under "stress test")  "Programma V2" (the evolution) ?  Nice news ! so interesting ! Great work about Oled displays !!!  
  14. Just for ask if anybody checked the "Learn" option on Ableton Live , Propellerheads Reason , and other similar tools  for set/map control templates with midibox as controller , thanks in advance for post.
  15. MidiBox open for "Learn" option ?

    …ops no reply ???     Anyway seem :   Yes it can "Learn"  (unfortunately as for so many other more option no sufficient info for the not "Experts"  ) ps: "untested"
  16. thanks for post Tago ! "Typical" situation (me included) of the most potential musicians (and not) MidiBox users (less electronic "expert" tutor/assistant), that are looking for one or more "serious" device that "help/support" in making music, willing to build it because not in the market, and are in the situation where hardware parts , soldering and put the hardware together , is not a big problem (also if with lot of time and patience , various "try & error" ….. and redo too) and for some also the firmware install is not a "mission impossible" , but be sure that a C-code handle (more or less) will be necessary , for get a 100% working device , and the fact who finish a working Midibox is the confirm about it is able in handle the code or have assistant/tutor about (i.m.h.o.).   I hold to "point out"  that many of MidiBox potential "owners"/users/beginners builders not C-code "experts" ("tutorless") are serious adult people with music passion , not "time wasters" kids , and similar , so please "joke" a little is "welcome" ,  but we are not some kind of "stupids"…… ,   Back to "topic" : >) "friendly" : It's true that very lot of information are on the ucapps  pages , unfortunately not all are understandable , and i.m.h.o not sufficient for a musician not "expert" about , …* : for example (only one of many cases) checking MBNG docs about how many lcd display can be connected to a core cpu, itì's indicated that more than 2 lcd require handle the code,  for address position of "info".   Some well made ("official") video tutorial that show the various possible configurations between core cpu , digital-analog in-out modules ,pots - encoders-buttons , lcd display , etc… ,  and  about how to install the firmware with first power up of unit , with also  some specific example of code handle like start the software for code handle, how access to code , basic "function" about how edit-assign-modify , etc… , would not be a big help (...and so much "friendly" appreciated ) ?  (…giving further "positivity" to the device .., ... getting also some buck for each view … )    
  17. Thanks for the "lesson" Peter !!! (i'll keep it always in mind) as you know (that i wrote in the MB only for experts) First device i still really looking for and need is a synth programmer with  much rotary encoders as possible (32 but 48 would better) +lcd displays (need to see to what is assigned to the rotary encoders for fast direct edit "action"), theB SEQuencer is also a cool device , and the v4 more .. , in the list as project 2 , the MBHui was for a various years period in the Wish list , at the end aborted because too many issues with moving faders and no pro tools option, at the end got an online chance Avid Command 8 for 250 bucks saving lot of build hours placed to make music but not much happy with Command 8 , too few rotary encoders for edit synths and a good part of fxs plug ins too  (: - ((  I have also been "tempted" frequently to start a Sid , another very cool "toy" , but the fact to not be 100% sure to finish it  , keep me to still use "quadrasid" vst (really not the same of MBSid but much near for that i need) unfortunately after all  still to the "start" point   (: - (( but never say never... and "Re-start".... checked the start info page of MBNG http://www.ucapps.de/index.html?page=mbhp_core.html and seem it support 128 rotary encoders and 2048 leds (cool...or i'm wrong?) , then 32 - 48 rotary encoders x 16 leds each = 512 - 768 About lcd display however  seem still  only 2 screens  (or i'm wrong .... , again ? ) http://www.ucapps.de/index.html?page=mbhp_core.html more thanks !
  18. Thanks !!! please correct me if i'm wrong : in the  related image are showed only 4 slots for "cc" , also all the other "slots" can be set as "cc"on that page  ? (to use it as synth programmer , where each midi track and related assigned midi channel is a pre-configured synth controls layout template , ready to be used , and also copied to another track for control a similar synth or another sound patch inside a " multi or combi " of the same synth ) and  it is possible "insert" a second raw of 16 rotary encoders with lcd display , buttons etc.. for have direct control on more parameters ? ps: after a bit Depth look to that page , have to say that the Seq v4 have very lot of cool functions but a single lcd display i.m.h.o. is not much a sufficient "interface" , no chance for a bit more large screen ?
  19.  ..... or the MidiBox SEQ Already includes dedicated  "page"  for synths (cc) parameters control  inside any midi track ? reachable, with the "next page" "scroll" function , by the up-down-left-right switches or dial ,  
  20. ...as i also wrote in the "MB only for experts" thread" ... there is a chance that a single "controls panel" (the surface where rotary encoders , switches, etc.. are placed / connected) "drive" a "dual core" MidiBox (1 core for sequencer and 1 for the NG synths controller ) switching / jumping between the 2 "cores" onfly to use for example in live performance , when during the sequencer "core" run the song , the control panel surface can be switched to the other "core" (synth controller) for real time sound edit ? or it's required a "cross" switcher / device unit placed between the controls panel surface and the 2 "cores" ?
  21. template / patches exchange is a so important option it is possible do it "onfly" or require to stop the "main" sequencer (for avoid midi overflow/crash) ?
  22. Again thanks so much for encourages ! But personally i (and so many others) can't start (buying all parts) something that i'm not sure to complete , for me is something like run "blindfolded" in the middle of a grove……., can you imagine the "concept" ? (not properly pertaining to the sense of intelligence…. ) but different thing would be if the various MidiBox projects were supported with "serious" video tutorials , step by step pdf guides, etc.. ok the forum would remain the "lighthouse" in the middle of the "sea" , as "main" home for, post , talk…. , solutions for issues , post images about cool MidiBox in build progress and finished,   but there is really no way to make the software part of MidiBox more simpler and "accessible" for those so wide number of musicians that are not C-code experts "handlers" ?   Which, however are looking for a serious solid (no cheap plastic and parts..) controller / programmer that has good number of : rotary encoders , function switches , lcd displays, ribbon strips, etc..  for fast, direct, program,edit (with fun) … the hardware and software synths , (not available on the market , neither the so f… absurdly expensive controller for pro tools that work only with their "tools"...)  
  23. Yess correct so lot of informations , and no video tutorials or step by step guides (about software) , although online from many years , and Yessssss i fully agree , very electronics talented good guys in this forum !!!  and also thanks for support offer and encourages !!!  unfortunately it's also true that i have many post without any reply !  But the "core" of the "matter" don't change (unfortunately)