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ALBS Waldorf knobs bulk order September 2012


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Well, if somebody is interested in other knobs, give me a model number and I'll ask for a quote. If several ppl would take interest in ordering those, I'll put them up in the next bulkorder.

@Lamouette: If you can get these from eBay or other sources, better get them there. Probably cheaper and faster.

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Good news everyone, Mrs. Guddy replied to me this very moment. She apologies for not replying immediately, she was busy in the company because of her being fresh from vacation.

Her last sentence was: "Also her mit der Bestellung" which is really hilarious for a business letter. It translates roughly into: So gimme yer order! :rofl:

This puts me in a good mood, because they are ready to handle our order in a timely manner. So no big changes in the time frame, I'll start to send out the invoices 21.09.-24.09. and hope you guys will pay fast. Order will be send out to ALBS when everybody has paid or latest 01.10.

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