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MIDIbox SEQ BLM 16x4 Control Surface PCB

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I got them for here for 0,62 EUR pp (again, excl. VAT, Conrad sells them for 1,40 EUR)


That is a really, really good price - I desoldered mine from old (but actually mostly unused) equipment, I think I wouldn't have gone through the hassle had I known about this supplier earlier! The "feel" of these is superb. Thanks for providing that link, freddy!

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ilmenator - no kidding, I told you about the source and the price before (PM on 7/1) though without the links  :sad:


orange - while browsing PMs with ilmenator I found some poor quality pics of the 19mm caps, attaching them as a teaser before I'll make proper pictures the following weekend. Basically, to get an idea, using 16mm caps (the smaller and more expensive at Conrad) this leaves ~4,5mm space between the buttons as can be seen on ilmenator's Wiki page, using 19mm this leaves ~1.5mm for the panel width.



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Hi Ilmenator,


I wanted to order a PCB from goldphoenixpcb., but I am struggling with the fields to be entered in the order / quote form. Can you please review the fields entered ? I guess I have to enter the total size (335.15mm x 97.92mm) as given in the WIKI, right ?



Thank you !




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The following caps are the right ones, they measure 15,5 x 15,5 mm. I guess the 16x16mm in the WIKI are hand measured and not taken from the data sheet, isn't it ?



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Gold Phoenix will usually send you a quote after you have uploaded the Gerbers. Whatever you enter in their form is just for giving you quick online feedback, I believe.


16x16mm in the Wiki is indeed an approximation, yes. I believe that is actually the recommended opening in the frontpanel - it's in the cap's datasheet.

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Hi Freddy,


I can wait .....




Here it is, the images are self-explaining, if you want to take picture from another side, angle, or caps combination, let me know, I'll have the camera around me till Sunday, flying back to Frankfurt on Monday.


Edit: I just realized that the 19mm caps will be covering the LEDs so the LEDs would need to bended a bit (by app 1.5mm) to the top. There is still enough place to fit a 3mm LED between the rows, though.




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So, sorry to bring up this old post, but I was wondering if somebody could give me further insight into the function and use 

of the 4 x 16 BLM.   


I understand the concept of the BLM, at least at that 16 x 16 x X level.  


On the larger BLM it's actually a 17 x 17 BLM and the extra colum and row , is how you define the "Modes" of the BLM.



So with the simpler, 16 x 4 BLM.   How does one control the "Modes"?  Or is it a simpler BLM and only controls... ? 



I see all the instructions on how to build it but just haven't found anything describing its use and function.




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So in trying to answer my own question, I've been looking at the source code.  But that leaves me with even more questions.. :)


I see this here: (root)/trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/hwcfg/wilba_tpd/MBSEQ_HW.V4


# set this value to 1 if each track has its own set of 16 LEDs to display unmuted steps and current sequencer position # or if you are using a button/led matrix for misc. button/LED functions BLM_ENABLED 1


So the LED's on the matrix will show unmuted steps and current sequencer position.


So we have 4 Rows... is that for the 16 steps of the 4 Tracks for the currently selected Group?  

It's just not clear what each of the 4 Rows of LED's are showing.



Then we have the buttons:

# set this to 1 if these buttons should only control the "step triggers" (gate, and other assigned triggers) - and no UI functions BLM_BUTTONS_NO_UI 1


So where are these assigned buttons made?  Is their a menu option?  When I go through the Menu pages in the User Manual, I only see BLM options for Scalar.   How does one set these buttons to control/assign the "steps triggers"?




It seemed that this might have been something that was with v3 Seq?  I went looking there in the archives on the website, but haven't found much, and the pic that I saw from there, showed a  17 x 4 row , the 4 buttons in column looked like they were spaced

to help control the "function".  Is that what the 4 extra buttons are for on the other project, the TPD?



Just trying to get an accurate description of exactly what the 16 x 4 matrix controls and how one would set that up.




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I've converted your AI back to FPD, I'm attaching it if you want to put it to the wiki. It was seated to 3U panel but the whole 16x4 BLM is a single block and can safely be moved around or copied/paste to another panel design.




freddy's FPD file has a 1,5mm. corner radius on the 16x16mm cutouts for the button caps.

For the Marquardt button caps this is too sharp, the radius should be 0,75mm.


Here is the altered file


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