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MB808 Eagle file

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Dear diyer,


I would like to build my own design of the MB808 but i could not find anywhere the PCB file or the eagle schematic file.

Do i miss something on the forum or the file aren't available.

Do you think Doug you can share your work?


Thank you



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[...] As of December 28, 2012, I am now ceasing all involvement with any and all forums, mailing lists and newsgroups. [...] The only place to get information about the MB-808 project is this web site and via email directly to me. (Doug at midibox addict dot com.)
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Thank you Nils for this precision but i ever try to contact Doug without any answer that 's why i ask the question on the forum

I hope he will answer soon.


From the front page of eight-oh-eight.org:


"The EAGLE design files are not for sale and will not be published. Please don't ask. Schematics are only available in PDF form."

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