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Hello there,

This is my first topic on this forum and feel good to be around.

I am looking to start a project of a MIDI controller. The key "component" of the project would be faders and I would like to understand technology behind this part and be able to find suppliers.

I have been reading a post from djtechtools on faders, but I was unable to understand the "keywords" if I may to look for the type of fader I am interested in ( the ones that skates along rails whilst conductive prongs stick out and tickle the conductive track).

Could I get some insight on this?

On the other hand, where do you people get your faders from? Is there any supplier you can recommend.

Thanks in advance,


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The most advanced Fader builder is penny & gilles. Like this: http://www.cw-industrialgroup.com/Products/Faders/Linear-Motorised-Fader-PGFM3200.aspx

But thats an expensive part. So the most used one is the Alps : http://www.alps.com/prod/info/E/HTML/Potentiometer/SlidePotentiometers/RSN1M/RSA0N11M9A0K.html

They also produce pcb mountable ones.

What you need to know is that midibox MF_NG is working with linear Faders.

If you don't know about midibox have a look to ucapps.de and the shop selling the DIY kits midibox-shop.com

Best regards


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Well thats certanly possible but also not easy to do if you are looking for a Motorized Fader.

I can imagine some Magnetical Cap thats been moved throu a Motor from the other side of the Frontplane but still it would be a mechanical part and i think its more reliable to directly take a Fader with mechanical tracking then. Especialy in thaughts of my 5 fingers mostly stabalizing an laying on top of the next two tracks to fade gently the one my pointing finger is moving... 😄

But maybe for DJs with just a couple of Faders it would be more interessant, also because a DJ more or less does more Manualy than Automated.

Best Regards, Novski

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No, I don't mean using touch sensors as touch sensors. I mean using them as the internal mechanism within the fader, triggered by a lump of metal attached to the knob carriage. If you want a concrete example, see the InnoFader. Should be easier than building an optical or magnetic fader from scratch.

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