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3.5mm jacks for midi connections


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More & more gear has 3.5mm midi connectors instead of the 5 pin DIN.  same 3 wires, different plug, easy enough.

Apparently there is a de facto standard, but Korg has a different wiring. I will put some 3.5mm plugs into my seq. with a switch for standard / Korg mode to flip the source and sink around.

It's here for documentation purposes: http://createdigitalmusic.com/2015/08/used-stereo-minijack-cables-midi/

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Still a bit unsure about this new "standard". I think i somewhere saw discussions about possible shorts during plug-in/out...

While the "MIDI Electrical Specification" recommends to take care for shorts:


it appears, that up to 0.5 Watts need to be burned by a current-limiting resistor in that case. Now, if a 3.5mm plug is not completely inserted by mistake, you may have a permanent short, potentially burning up that resistor (especially if some manufacuteres did use low-specced, e.g. 250mw current-limiting resistors).

Maybe it is not a real problem, but i would not dare to connect an expensive/retro/pre 90s synth to that...

Many greets,


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I'm not a fan of it. And no it's not a standard, and I hope it goes away, but it probably won't.  5 pin DIN is good, strong reliable connector. Can't accidentally plug into the wrong signal, and no need to have silly adapter cables, for which there are at least two types.


but to the OP, I'm not saying your idea is bad, these things exist in manufactured products, there is no fault in being prepared for them.

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Yes I agree, the old DIN 5pin is much more solid. If gear has the DIN5, use the DIN5.   I had an issue with my Korg Electribe 2 Sampler: it has crossed wiring and standard DIN5 to 3.5mm jack cables don't work.  Only a Korg adapter.

Bit of a hassle, but I found the issue and why not document it here.   I will leave one slot in a midio open for connecting to  3.5 mms.

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