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crimic - devi


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2x Boss RC300 - Meldoy Loops

Roland GR20 - Guitar Synth (feed for the melody loops, brass sound, bass)

guitar - reaggie guitar



Triggermatrix (with built in Sequencer) > Drumtrigger > Midistudio

NordDrum2 for not effected Drums

Korg electrybe rythm for effected Drums

NordRack III for Hitone dron sounds

TC-Electronic M350 as Reverb (4 FB383 and neptune > all except NordDrum)

FB383 freebase - highly modified 303 Clone - for Filtering Envelope and all kind of distortion the loopstations

spectral audio neptune II > higly modified analog synth - act as Filtering and distortion device for the electribe and nord III


the sound is additive, i take the loopstation, distort them, go thru Filters and Amplifiere and give Ryhtm triggered Envelopes > then Reverb to it > and that all in Addition to the orginal sound  >  same on drums > thats our sound.



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