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sammichsid - any way to create/edit SID files or extract their sounds?


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Hi guys , i would love to do these things and dont know if is possible: 

1 - Edit a SID file with some tracker software ,  is this possible ?  using the sammichSID of course. 

2 - rip or extract the sounds / presets used in a SID file / music and save as a preset. 

thanks a lot. 



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Commando was the very first tune that I played during implementation of the ASID mode as some kind of reference :)

AFAIK nobody worked on a "SID sound extractor" yet, this has to be done at the host side (-> computer software)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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There was a SID sound extractor created for the older HardSID PCI Cards by a guy called Ted Nilsen, called HardSID Ripper.

You can download an .avi clip of it in action from his site, but you cannot download the tool itself:

I actually contacted the guy on facebook a good while back asking if he would be interested in sharing the source code for the SID communities,

which would not just benefit us, but users of HardSID4u and even the SIDStation.

But he just replied with "let me get back to you on that" and havent heard from him since which is a shame!

Also, theres no telling now how well it performs across all SID files, he only shows 2 Rob Hubbard SID which would have a similar routine, it may not perform so well with other artists routines.

Still though, its a real shame the author of the hardware is going to let it die considering the effort that went into developing it.

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I'm actually stoked with how Sauraen's MIDIbox Genesis project can support vgm files for playing back sequences or ripping instruments.

I even purchased the FMDrive VST tonight which supports VGM import also, i cant wait to play classic Sega tracks with the real / emulated hardware.


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Massively late to the party, but I have just been playing with the ASID player driving my MB6582, whilst laid up following a leg injury.
I got the massive SID tunes archive from

I noticedthat many will play fine via ASID under Windows 10, some only did the initial loop, this is probably because they are aimed at devices that directly drive the SID chip, not via SYSEX.
I wanted to get at the 'Stardust' tune from the musc for David Whittaker's legendary 'Lazy Jones', (yes, the one made famous by Zombie Ntion using it in their track 'Kernkraft 400').
I decided I needed a SID file editor, and I found this thread in the process,  so I thought I'd share the one I found, here.
It looks a bit old fashioned, but works OK so far under windows 10. It is also available in PERL/TK script too.

It needs a SIDplayer and a hex editor to go with it. There are emulators etc available from the HVSC site, linked above.

Hope this is of use to people.

Wish me luck with the fileediting, this is all new territory to me




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