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Dub Techno Jam


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I don't think I've ever posted some sounds in this forum so with a little inspiration from Hawkeye its time to start!

Heres a short dub techno jam with MB-6582 on chord duty, going into a Zoom MS-100BT pedal, Roland JU-06 provides the background sequence and a Yamaha RS7000 provides drums.



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13 hours ago, Hawkeye said:

...I still think, he occasionally beats my SEQV4L (in the upper right corner of the video) with the drumstick, from time to time! :-D

Hahahaha! I'll try to make more use of it, I promise!

On 28/1/2017 at 0:52 AM, Psykhaze said:

Always a pleasure to see #dawless music =) Bewarea bout not going off rythm too , after listening again there are (little parts) where it's sometimes tricky (but sh*t i like this battery pad ^^)
However nice work ,hope to hear more !

Yeah, I can't drum for shit! But its fun to be able to use a drum pad with techno I think, its refreshing to use it live over a x0x sequencer.

On 28/1/2017 at 2:02 PM, latigid on said:

I'm also a fan of dub drops, especially a Rhodes piano with Space Echo, or at the moment a P'08 with the filter set very dark. 

I was very close to buying a Boss RE-20 pedal lately actually. Going to wait for one to come up at a good price.
Do you have a real Rhodes Piano you use, or just a plugin? I never heard one used for dub I think!

Nice to see you have a Prophet 08 also! I bet the REV 2 is making you jealous this year though! hehe

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