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After seen some video on the tube


a question arises


who was born first ?


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mb as far as i know.

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They are both beautiful ;)


But to be honest, they have developed independently and simultaneously.

I own the Sequentix P3 (http://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/sequentix-p3)

The Cirklon's OS was built on P3 OS v4.5

The P3 as you can see from this yahoo group (if you're a member) has posting back to 2003 (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/analogue-sequencer/files)

the Midibox seq shows: "Erstellt 2003-2004"

They are different beasts. I wouldn't be building my Midibox Seq if it was the same as the P3/Cirklon.  But I also won't be selling my P3 when I have my Midibox Seq finished.

I get completely different tracks if i load in P3 OS 3.0 vs 4.5.    Each sequencer has it's own personality, and those personalities bring out different music from you.    I personally couldn't live with a single sequencer.


FYI, a good majority of the P3 and hence Cirklon are built of of concepts and how the actual Notron (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Notron)  worked , thanks to early P3 user and friend of Colin Frazer , Paul Nagle (of Sound on Sound fame), who kept making notable but specific requests for functionality.  But the P3 like the Miidbox, while having an excellent base, was built out of user requests. It has shown me what an able developer with an intelligent and creative user base can make an innovative product that would have never of happened without both.


The Notron precedes them both and is a DAMN fine sequencer! 


So is the real question which came first, the Notron or the P3/Midibox... it's the Notron !  :)    Rev  1 came out in 96.


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