MSQ CC LRE - CC-Motion-Sequencer and Storage

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this video has 2 parts:
1: what the device is & does

2: a stop motion film -filmed while i was building and programming the device, with music from our band "crimic" track named "neruda"

more info @ wiki:[]=msq

MSQ_CC_LRE stands for
Motion Sequencer for Midi-Control-Change  with the LRE8x2 Ledring-Userinterface

there are more varations of this tool, one is with a generic BCR2000... there is a wiki for all necessery stuff:[]=msq

this Variant is hardcodet for the Nordrum2, but since the CC-Maping is arranged in an Maping-Routing-Array, it can be changed via SourceCode - which is easy done when you know a bit C-Programming.

there will be also a simple MSQ_REC - which is reduced to 4Channels, which only Records and Playbacks CC of 4 MidiChannels x 128CC - a CC-Looper, without the functionality of Storing CCs itself ... i will build it for the clavia Nord Rack III - since it has ledrings and encoders - its the berfect synth for that. 8Pushbuttons, 4Ledbars, 4 encoders and done.


so this is what have done, and what will be done ;)


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Nice job and great video documentation, well done!

Many greets,

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This automate functions you write are pretty cool, I don't imagine what you will be able to do on a OLRE16 ! :rolleyes: I like that, I keep it somewhere in my mind...

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if i had, i would, i could ... program something for it  - the code is pretty much done, on one place there is this "MIOS no FPU" float point math problem till now  (Velocity Offset Controller "0effekt - full effekt -scale")

the 4row x 8 Format, i like, because in Overview-Map Mode/mixer-mode, i have 8Channels a 4 Controlls, which is pretty standart for many cases. when using 16x2 for example having only 2 Controls on 16 Channels - 8 are enough... 16channels are a bit to much... when thinking of the arrays in the background... a motionsequencer array for example [16][32][256] or [8][32][256]  - (channel, cc, steps) makes some difference in ram. - i had longer sequences with 512 steps - but ram say no... - so for me a olre8 make more sense.

multicolor with much more segments led-rings, i would show the actual Velocity/MSQ Effect on CC in different color in realtime,

also would give the different maping-modes different Ledringcolors (deep-edit/overview-mode), would also add oled display to describe the function of encoder - because when affort a  olre16 it makes sense to take a bit more money in hand to give them displays...

but i have some finance crisis, because driving south with my girlfriend - eating my last money :confused: , dont think i can effort a olre16


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