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[SOLD] 2X MB6582 kits/SID Chips/PacTec enclosures and panels


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ALL SOLD. Thanks for the interest everyone!
For sale: two complete MB6582 kits. Price is per kit; housing/panels and SID chips sold separately — see below. The only things missing are LCDs, LEDs, power supplies, internal fans, pushbuttons, and half of the encoders -- all easy to obtain.

[SOLD] kit available @ $100
[SOLD] housing/panels available @ $40
[SOLD] 8x 6582 available @ $40 ea., (from Wilba w/ capacitors) tested
[SOLD] 8x 6581 available @ $30 ea., still testing
[SOLD] 3x relabeled (fakes) 6581R4AR, still testing

I have been sitting on these for years + just don’t have the time / drive to get to them.

Will consider bundled pricing on the SID chips.
Buyer pays shipping. Details TBD.






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17 hours ago, ganchan said:

interestend in enclosure + panel, can i have some detailed photos of the panels?




Everything listed is spoken for at this point. If any deals fall through I'll let you know. Thanks for the interest!

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