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OPL3 made in China


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Hi and welcome to MIDIbox! :)

I'd say there is a 50:50 chance, that they are original and will work. That ebay seller in german ebay seems to  generally have quite positive feedback, but there are also some "fake component" comments. How it could work from their side is that they pulled/desoldered the chips from old hardware, i.e. old sound cards. That's also what i would recommend, e.g. get an old soundblaster with the OPL chipset from ebay for cheap and desolder with a heat gun - that way you can be quite sure it is an original!

Most of all: have fun!

Many greets, Peter

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I will try. Sold units of the ymf262 all have positive feedback. The shipping time is just very long. Gonna report about it's functionality here.

I actually do have a soundcard with an opl3 chipset (soundblaster 16 value), but the chip itself looks different

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