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Advise wanted - My first MIDIBox

Audio Dandy

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Hi all,

I am very happy I seem to have 10 SID chips, 8 X 6581 amd two 8580R5's
I would like to make two synths with them, one "MIDIBox MB6582" and one "sammichSID"

Would this be possible with this SID's I have?

I have these SID's:

6581R4 1686 S MB6582 MIDIBox

6581 CBM 4184 MB6582 MIDIBox

6581 CBM 4184 MB6582 MIDIBox

6581 CBM 1485 MB6582 MIDIBox

6581 4982 MB6582 MIDIBox

6581 R3 0686 MB6582 MIDIBox

6581R3 4885 MB6582 MIDIBox

6581R3 4885 MB6582 MIDIBox


8580R5 2989 25 sammichSID

8580R5 0388 25 sammichSID

I am a total newbie advise how to start is highly appreciated!


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not correct voltages
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The only problem I see is that the mb6582 software for the Master Core is by default programmed for the 8580.

This is not a big deal, it works but it would be better to have 8580 chips or the 6581 software (which doesn't exists)


a) Recompiling is also not very hard but you need someone who could do that or you learn it and do it by yourself.

b) You could use the setup6581.hex instead of the setup mb6582.hex

c) Are you sure all of the 6581 work? Sell or keep your 6581. Using all of them is not very clever because they die sooner as the 8580 and they become rare.

They sound unique and do have their oportunities but an 8580 is more precise and the filter has more potential.

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Thank you Noise-Generator for your advise, the problem is also that I (and many others :-) have missed the boat
because what I understand now, is that the last batch of the sammichSID kit and the MB6582 MidiBox SID is already sold out years ago...

Do you know were I can stil buy the complete kit, or PCB's ? 

https://modularaddict.com/ has two PCB's of the MB6582, if I buy also a case, then I only need the BOM parts and a front panel right, to make a complete MB6582 MidiBox SID?


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Thats right.

You need to buy the 2 pcbs at modularaddict and I think this is the case (PT-10)  https://www.pactecenclosures.com/product-detail.php?productid=189&seriesid=50&classid=26

but I'm not really sure. 

All Information about the mb6582 you find with that keyword inside the wiki as you may already know and in the forum section.

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