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Special characters in Label

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Hi all, my first NG-project is alive ;) I build a switchable USB to 4 DIN midi port router. Al from parts I have laying around. After a evening digging this forum and trying, it just works. Now I can control my Volca's with a single USB midi keyboard (hurray).

I don't get one thing: How do I get special characters on the display??

For example in the next line I like to have a arrow instead off the >-sign (or the solid >)

EVENT_SENDER  id=1   if_equal=Button:1:1  fwd_to_lcd=1  type=NoteOn chn=1   key=any  lcd_pos=1:32:1  label="> %e"  ports=00001000000000000000

Is this possible with NG?




simple midirouter.jpg

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I don't think the built in fonts have special characters available.


I remember reading a thread about creating you're own custom fonts, but it involved recompiling the MB_NG firmware.


Search the forum, you light be lucky :happy:




Edit: I found it! it was in the wiki page:



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What he wants is to print arrow for example, from the built-in char set.


With MIOS function it's very easy, using Char Print and code number.
With NG it seems only string are possible. But according to the C ascii table.
Ascii Table C | find ascii value in c programming c programming, c program  to find ascii value of total characters in a string, c programming exle  print the ascii table and
the 'left arrow' code 0x7e is "~", so using:

label="~ %e"

works. But for the 'right arrow' the ascii code 0x7f correspond to DEL, which is not usable in a string.

Is there a way to print a label using ascii code instead of string in NG?

Best regards

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On 12-9-2020 at 10:59 AM, totoRaymond said:

Thanks Thomas, but I already found that page. As @antichambre stated, I only want to use interrnal characters. There must be a simple way to achieve this I hoped (without having to us 2 character postions like ->).



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