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Multiple CORE_LPC17 running parallel?


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Hello everyone!
I'm a complete Newbie in the MIDIbox world, but the last weeks I'm trying to get as much information as possible.
But for some questions I could not find an answer.

I basically want to build a DAW controller consisting of 32 faders and a channelstrip for every channel.
So I quickly use all 64 control possibilities of the AINSER64 module. 
I read there is a different module wich allows to use two AINSER64 parallel but this still is not enough.
Is there a possibility to run multiple Core Modules like the CORE_LPC17 or the version working with two ainser64 (Sorry I could not find the right name) parallel?
Or is there a different solution to my problem?

I know this project is a little bit heavy specially for a beginner, but I think I can get help for the assembly - I just need to evaluate everything, if my project is even possible or not.
Thank you all in advance!

Looking forward to a new hobby I would like to turn this into!


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Here the schematic you are talking about: http://www.ucapps.de/mbhp/mbhp_ainser64_interconnections.pdf
Connecting multiple AINSER64 is not a problem, you just need multiple CS lines. And will not increase the scanning time.
Any 32bits Core will do the job.
Here an example to add a CS line for AINSER8 , it's the same methods for the AINSER64.

Best regards

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Thanks for your reply!
I'm still not completely sure how to connect multiple AINSER 64. 
Is it possible to connect more than two like the schematic you send?

And another question. Do you know where I can purchase the CORE_LPC17 Module?
I cannot find any shop which have them available.

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The LPC17 is not bad and should work for the purpose, but it's outdated and the direct successor is the STM32F4. If you haven't bought anything, then go for the 'newer' board. But I don't have an AINSER 64 and can only say what is generally known about the cores. (PCBs can be purchased from 'modular addict').

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