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STM32F4 AND iOS - shows only 1USB-Midiport (in Miosstudio) while on Win i have 4!


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MacOS caches your USB MIDI ports, to see the four new virtual USB MIDI devices after your initial firmware upload of the LoopA app, please perform these steps: * start the Audio-MIDI-Setup of MacOS (e.g. search for "audio-midi" with Spotlight) * disconnect the core module from USB * delete the interface in the Audio-MIDI-Setup * connect the core module to USB again.

Hope it helps!

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...thanks for feedback.

he solved it this way:

solution was completely resetting all settings on the iPad as it only sticks to the configs of when you plug TM in for the first time, can change ports/names all you want after but it won't refresh them without a hard reset.

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