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BCF LCD Display project


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I've been thinking about using the Midibox LC with only LCD to act as an intermediary between my BCF2000 and my computer, purely for display purposes. I've tested the BCF, and it seems the midi thru port passes on the sysex information that is used for the lcd display. So essentially all I would need is a Core module with the LC software loaded and 2x24 character LCD's.

What could I use for power though? Does anyone know the internals of the BCF very well? Is there a 5v rail I could tap into, or would this be a bad idea? Also, would the +5v rail from my computer's power supply do the trick? I'm not too keen on running another power supply purely for the LCD...

Thanks for any help

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2x24 LCDs are not enough, because the message transmitted by the host are 2x56

But: if you only need a display, then the graphical LCD solution might be interesting for you. Even a T6963C based display, which is normaly too slow for the whole application (if e.g. motorfaders have to be moved in parallel), is fast enough for your purposes. And in addition, you will get a nice MTC/Beat display, and graphical animated knobs and meters :)

I suggest a T6963C based display only for your use case (display only) - they are cheap ($10...) and therefore less expensive than two CLCDs

Power: yes, you can propably use the +5V from your BCF, it's worth a try

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Hello, i just bought me a BCF 2000 and i'm also missing a display in it. So i decidet to build me one by myselve. I read much and finally i found midibox. OK, now to my problem.

I have no expirience with lcdisplays and programming, bit reading the posts here let me think, that it's not really complicated. I am ready to learn it.

But first i must ask, how to start this project.

Should i build me a core module, like it was suggested here, or is it enough to make a standalone LCD connected to the LPT port and let the data of the BCFview been transmitted to the display? Didi anyone build such a "standalone display".

What would i need for this project?

Where can i get a GLCD which has the proper wideness? Could i also take 2 smaller displays?

Please tell me whitch would be the easiest way to start with this project.

Best regards, D!

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Hello AgentD

It's not that easy as just sending bits and bytes to a LCD. You first have to translate the messages and format them to suite the LCD.

Basically it's no problem to do it by hooking an LCD directly to the PC. You have to write a small application, which collects (e.g. from MIDIYoke) and filters the MIDI data and then controls the LCD. I don't think that this is existing, so you have to write your app from scratch.

The much easier way would be to hook a CoreModule (with MIDIbox LC software) with the LCD(s) and some navigation buttons (activate meters, pages...) to a MIDI Thru and your display is ready.

Greets, Roger

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