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SHIPPED: LCD 20x4 for MB6582, red-on-black: Europe order


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red on black  Negative FSTN

model AMC2004A-B-T6WTDR, by OrientDisplay

thanks for original item image to kokiPsiho


You get them for $30. $57 for 2 pieces.

Shipping default is registered mail.

the list:


Kartoshka:     2 (Israel)                  (no worries  ;))

Brother303:    1 (Germany)             paid /registered

Sasha:           3 (Serbia)                (x0x pcbs swap)/registered

Jaicen:           2 (UK)                     paid /registered

nati               1 (Czech Republic)     paid /registered

opkod            2 (France)                paid /registered

mono-poly     (0)  (Netherlands)       /lack of communication.

majjam           1 (Germany)             paid /registered

Goblinz           2 (UK)                     paid /registered

Sparx             1 (UK)                     paid /registered

bill                 2 (France)               paid /registered

koshimazaki     1 (UK)                    paid /registered

MP                 1 (Sweden)             paid /registered

drsyncenstein  1 (Netherlands)        paid /registered

Jack               1 (Germany)            paid /registered

R64                1 (UK)                    paid /registered


Total:            22

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So.... The screens are $20,, any how much shipping will be split between is and also how much it will be to ship these LCDs from Isreal to the UK? I do want one but can't say for sure untill I find out a rough cost as I'm a fair bit off payday.


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tomorrow i'm going to quote the postage by Postil.com Airmail, and Registered_Airmail(insured) to UK/Germany.

let's assume it weights about 150g+package.

for now, a teaser:

as it appears on postil.com (israelpost) site, 100-250g for REGION_1 countries (Europe+UK), registered, it's 12-15 NIS... which is approx. $3-4 only.

so quick math shows it's 22+1+4=$27 total.

or you get 25+16=$41 from the supplier directly. 

but.... wait for tomorrow.  ::)


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Good news, comrades!

it's true—the shipping part is correct.

$3 for Regular Airmail.

$4 for Registered Mail (and you have tracking number) to europe-zone1.

For Signed_For service - add one buck more.

Paypal fees or Packaging materials fees, all these later and will only be actual costs, if any at all.


Opkod—should i mix you in?  ::)

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I'm a little confused now, Is the distributor shopio? I thought they charged a rediculous amount for P&P per item, ie $16 per LCD, or have you managed to negotiate a cheaper postage rate? Would there be much of a saving by bulk buying these?


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yep... more people order more discount we have.

for now there's 8 and therefore shipping is 16/8=2 for everyone plus shipping from israel to all european final destinations, $3 to $5-6 depending on shipping method of your choice.

closing 22/10 so if more people interested, get in now.

if you want 2, it's essentially the same quote given before to opkod.


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