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MIDIbox 808 Firmware


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I tested it a bit more and it seems any progression that is above 1:0 has this problem. I understand how this would be tricky to fix, and it is not going to keep me from using the machine, but it seems quite a big limitation to only be able to use the progression feature on 16 steps.

All my patterns default to 32 steps so I expect all 32 steps to be played through when I adjust the progression. I love this feature, but I would probably not be able to use it live because I would have to think about which section I am on when I adjust the progression, and it is more difficult to predict the outcome, so more dangerous for performance. Too many variables to track.

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unfortunately I didn't have access to a midi interface to test this until recently, but I've got it uploaded and now experiencing another bug...


if I set loop length >16 && <32, only steps 17-32 are played.


So as an example, set loop length to 26 and hit play. Note that steps 17-32 are looped. Set the loop length to 32, and steps 1-32 are normally looped.


this is with standard 1:0 progression.


anyone else have this?

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1. Is the 17-32 button supposed to do anything? Selecting SHIFT+Song just does the same thing as pressing the Song button





2. As such, I believe this is wrong on the MB-808 instruction page:



SHIFT+Song: store current pattern chain in slot A1..H8


Shouldn't that be ALT+Song to save?


3. I think these only work on single tracks and not when ALL Tracks are selected:


  • SHIFT+Gate: temporary forces accent on all selected tracks (+the global accent trigger)
  • SHIFT+Aux: temporary forces the aux trigger on all selected tracks
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I need to switch out a dead LED in one of the GP buttons, but I want to do a complete backup before taking everything apart. There isn't any documentation that I can find on the SYSEX features except that ALT+SYSEX gets me into the menu and the GP buttons choose device ID. Does anyone know what I need to do to transmit a complete backup of all of my patterns? I built a bankstick addon so that I have more pattern saving potential.


Also has anyone ever taken the Omron GP buttons apart without removing them? My goal is to pull the cap off, desolder the LED, and replace it without desoldering the switches from the board.




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Ha! Funny how something can be so easy, but allude me no matter how much time I spend trying to figure it out. Thanks sneakthief!


One more question: what button do I press on the 808 to get it to send a complete backup? And does the device ID matter? I'm assuming I just leave the device ID on 0?




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$Id: mb808_sysex_implementation.txt 97 2008-02-17 18:32:55Z tk $

MIDIbox808 SysEx Implementation

Which Actions are implemented

   a) F0 00 00 7E 4C <device-number> 01 <bank-number> <pattern-number> F7
      Request a Dump of Pattern <bank-number>:<pattern-number>
      <bank-number> = 0x0..0x6
      <pattern-number> = 0x00..0x7f

   b) F0 00 00 7E 4C <device-number> 02 <bank-number> <pattern-number> <1024 bytes of dump data> F7
      Write a Dump to Pattern <bank-number>:<pattern-number>
      <bank-number> = 0x0..0x6
      <pattern-number> = 0x00..0x7f

   c) F0 00 00 7E 4C <device-number> 03 <bank-number> F7
      Request a Dump of a whole Bank (128 patterns)
      <bank-number> = 0x0..0x6

   d) F0 00 00 7E 4C <device-number> 05 <group-number> AH AL F7
      Direct RAM Read of a dump parameter (AH = 00..07, AL = 00..7F)
      The <group-number> should be always 00!

   e) F0 00 00 7E 4C <device-number> 06 <group-number> AH AL <value> F7
      Direct RAM Write of parameter (AH = 00..07, AL = 00..7F)
      The <group-number> should be always 00!

   f) F0 00 00 7E 4C <device number> 0F 1A F7
      Ping (just sends back the same SysEx string)


From mb808_sysex_implementation.txt in the MB808 source-code DOC directory :)

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Ok, so I think I figured it out. If I request "bank" in sysex librarian MIOS studio shows that it is downloading the 128 patterns from the MB808, but each pattern shows "no name available". Is there a way to set MIOS studio to receive each pattern label, ie: A1, A2.... B1, B2, etc? That way I can visually see that it is backing up properly. One thing is I'm not sure which 808 software version I have installed... Is there a way to figure this out? I think I have 1.3, but I'm not sure.


I guess this leads to another question. I built a 8 bankstick pcb on perfboard which should give me 128 patterns right? What I know how to access is A-H, with each capital letter having 8 patterns each. That makes 64 patterns. Where are the other 64? This might seen like a dumb question, but I'm only up to C7 so I haven't really thought about the patterns that I don't know how to access.


A little edit to these questions. So short of seeing the software version on the LCD of the 808 I am going to just update to the newest version. I think I have V1.1 or something close to that. Here is my last question: Will my banksticks be reformatted if I upgrade from V1.1(2) to V1.3? I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but since I can't do a complete sysex back until I upgrade I'd like to be 1000% sure before proceeding.





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I can't seem to get loop points over 16 steps to work!


- Loop points 17-31 as well as 33 to 63 don't reset on those respective steps


For example, if I set ALL Instruments to loop steps 1 to 17, A+B won't combine automatically. If I select A+B manually, it plays 32 steps instead of 17.





- Setting loop points to 16 and under works correctly


- Setting loop point to 32 combines A+B as well as C+D and works correctly


- Setting loop point to 64 combines A+B+C+D and works correctly

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was wondering if someone could explain to me if its possible to use different time signatures within the mb808?


so a simple example would be kick on 4/4 and snare on 3/4 


looking to do some polyrhythms with my mb808 but can't quite see if its fully possible, i can loop each track at different points which creates lots of nice variations but thats not quite what I'm looking for



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