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  2. does anybody know a box, that converts 0-3.3V Analog Control Voltages, to all common CV-Voltage-Ranges? a box, where i connect a powersupply... a cv-input, and the box, outputs the CV on several outputs - or decided wich a switch between the ranges....? else - has anybody have builts such a thing? or have a shematic? Thx 4 input.
  3. @Karg Thanks a lot! Good idea, and it's already been requested and is on the list! :) Regarding the expected time line: a) first, there will be a LoopA software update coming relatively soon (before this holiday season), which will add a few new features that have been requested and which will make the LoopA a lot better at recording previously-unknown loop lengths. This is possible on some other MIDI loopers and also on audio loopers, so it should be nice to have it :). This feature also has limited BPM autodetection, so you could just play in a sequence in the new "autoloop" mode,
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  5. Funny just noticed that old sidplay can play tunes how they should, but plays just tooooo fast. Sidplay2 is showing grayed selection for sidstation, and hardsid option doesnt work. I guess it just doesnt work on windows 10.
  6. Totally newbie here with this stuff. Have been playing some psid files on my new Sammich with 2xswinsid. Most of songs sound ok, but some not. Example: batman the movie wounds like one channel missing. Last ninja 2 has same thing. Instrument starts playing and then fades away.. While rest of channels seem to work? Any one has idea what to check?
  7. Hi, I understood there will be another update after the matrix launch (any ETA yet?). While I use the LoopA more and more, there is one feature missing that continuously holds me back. I am not sure if it has been requested yet, but I can well image a general interest: File/Project Names!! :) Would be so great if that can be included. A very simple version would do the job, imho. Like one encoder for letter position, one to change character up/down. Maybe even using all four encoders with position, uppercase, lowercase, special character. Just a thought. :)
  8. well lets try... I saw on the LPC17 shematic: That on J5A - A3 a DAC is aviable @ I assume 0-3.3V? for CV I need a level shifter to get 0-5V (Analog) >>> I assume OP-AMP will do the job I will use some pins from the DIO-MATRIX as GATES, so i need no Logical Level-Shift - (0V and 5V) Most of UI and the GATES is done by DIO-Matrix: Features (very minimalistic) a ADR and a midiclock-synced-LFO mixed to one CV-Output, 5 Real Encoders (4 Menue Encoders, 1 Menue-Encoder
  9. Merci! This one has a pot for each parameter, it changes the game! ;) I will propose it soon now, I hope in the next months...
  10. Très chic! I've played a lot with Xfer's Cthulu, a real arpeggiator in HW would be awesome. Is there a way to get some boards / case to build one?
  11. Hi All! Here the fabulous work from @AdrianH. The 2 casing prototypes he sent to me for checking. In black and rainbow. Some more pictures in the album Best regards Bruno
  12. Hi all, I'm selling my motorfaders. They are Alps 100mm, some pin-lead, some o-lead. They are all new, except 8 of them have wires and connector soldered to them, see pictures. Asking 300 for the lot ex. shipping (only eu). Greetings, Henk
  13. Pinout for 88 keys version attached here:
  14. I have gotten a completely naked Fatar TP100LR keyboard, 88 keys. No case, no electronic boards, no power. I want to add power & MIDI to this. Attaching/linking pinout diagrams. Is there a MIDIbox product, that would help me realize this? And how do i go about powering everyting? Any help is appreciated, including links to other product than here. I'd prefer to do it all by myself, though. Thank you!
  15. Finally started messing around with this design in KiCAD and, I'm really liking it! Think I might get it made soon :-) Thanks @listen202 for sharing!
  16. Yes, but you'll also need the Pickit programmer... https://ebay.to/2HB165e
  17. Does this program a pic 18F4685? Thanks.
  18. Are you talking about this programmer board? https://www.ebay.com/itm/133174280268?var=432516796181&mkevt=1&mkcid=28&chn=ps ..or, if you prefer to "build vs. buy" your programmer, you can always order just the Zif socket itself and breadboard / protoboard the rest https://www.ebay.com/itm/ZIF-Socket-40-Pin-Made-by-3M-Ships-Same-Next-Day-FAST-SHIP-US-SELLER/171035842033?hash=item27d287d5f1:g:CAQAAOxy88lRXuHN
  19. Where do I get the female connector for the breadboard connector to the pic chip from the pickit usb2 burner? Is their an part number for reichelt? Thanks.
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  21. The problem is that I accidentally reach the control option when browsing thru the list and it kills the track...
  22. Well, mental note -if you need Ctrl track, use LayerA. I’m sure this’ll get explained and or fixed. Maybe have something to do with the process of reading ahead in a track to set parameters of things which sounds like something “Ctrl” May need to do.. Steve
  23. Yup, the track is completely in a weird state and has to be init again... lost a few tracks in the past week because of this, now I save before changing anything just in case....
  24. Roy, I get the same thing, whenever a drum track with two layers (layA and layB) has layB set to Ctrl, and I jump back to Edit mode, the question marks appear. Im not even sure what Ctrl is supposed to do..? But yes, it keeps anything from being set into the pattern. If layA is set to Ctrl, the question marks do not appear. Another interesting thing is that if you see all the questionmarks in edit mode and then go back to Menu,Evnt, the track is shown as a basic Note 16/64/8 type, even though it was initialized as a drum track earlier. -Steve
  25. This is becoming a promising endeavor! Total BOM costs include, the Teensy4 @ ~$20 USD, the PCB @ $17.50 USD, plus some pins and SMD parts. So, still a bit more expensive than the average street price for a Nano SwinSIDb, but Teensy4's will get cheaper soon and someone may already be planning a bulk order of PCBs soon, which would reign in the costs quite a bit. The most important consideration in my view is this being a live projects, with active development. There's always the possibility that FreeSID could come out sounding significantly better than SwinSID. Anxious
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