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  1. i got the case to...yesterday in the morning. looking realy great and robust. well done! thx latigit on so i only have to order at mouser and at Formulor. T.K. can you tell me which PIC18F4620 i specialy need for the mini-Core...at mouser i can by the PIC18F4620 I/P and a PIC18F4620 E/P? I think and i hope that i can burn the bootloader for my self with my "Sprut"-PIC-Burner. Regards MaG2k
  2. got it!!! thanks! but the shiftbutton is missing! Regards MaG2k
  3. yeah...damn good stuff! cat await it. You know i told you that my postal adress is different from the paypal-adress...i told you once before new adress is the one in "Hahnheim" if you not shure tell me please via email or PM and i give you the corect complete adress once again! Best Regards MaG2k
  4. something new about the order of PCBs and cases? When can i calculate with them? Best regards? MaG2k
  5. i contacted wilba in 2013 for setting me on the waiting list...i hope that i am still on that list or that this list is still existing and still active! if not, please set me on the waitinglist again for complete bundle with acrylic case (if possible) and chips too! Thanx Regards MaG2k
  6. Hey Latigid on, sorry that i didn't set me too the list till now. To many things happend in the meantime. The mean reason was vacation...so now i am back and got your PM. I have a little bottleneck on my bankaccount at the moment but i hope i can manage it. So i set me down onto the waitinglist. Please let me know how its going on with the ordering/payment/delivery-process. I see a little problem with that project. As you started the thread i looked to www.flikto.de because of the silicon button matrix and at the startingpoint they had enough for one order...but at the moment they dont have this buttons in stock. So at the moment it is a kind of russian roulett...if they dont get them again anymore...i have a PCB and a case for buttons that dont can be ordered anymore. I think that many people here wanna order from flikto and the fact that they dont get new in stock for the last weeks makes me a little bit scary. But okay i am on the waitinglist and if you order i am in! Best regaerds MaG2k
  7. hihi...yes you should show them what you are doing....much better then Push cause directly control hardware no need of a computer at all! ;-) + BLM has much more keys! ;-)
  8. thanx for your fast reply...can you tell how much the case will cost? Thanx MaG2k
  9. hi latigid on, and the case you build...is it a full metall case or only the frontpanel? or do you plan an acrylic case? I designed an 5mm acrylic case for my SEQ V4 so that it would be a good alternative to full metall but acrylic is not that durable in case off crashing to the ground as metal. so please give a little more details about your case! But by the Way...i am in! ;-) Best regards MaG2k
  10. okay what do you think PCB+Case+Siliconkeys will cost tougether?
  11. hey latigid on....realy great job. Its looking realy nice. Are you making a list of all parts needed in best case with articlenumber from mouser? were i can get the PCB and the Case? Can you make a kind of small Bulk for Case and PCB??? Regards MaG2k
  12. Hi latigid on... do you plan to create a kind of batchorder or do you make the PCBs and the rest has everyone to collect for themself? If it would be a batch with all needed parts a would be very interessted in too. The last days I read an article about a new PC-keyboard from Cherry for gamers with fullcolor illuminated keys. It would be nice if there would be any way to get on those keys because no silicon pad with these conductive coating but a real mechanical key designed to stand for millions of keypresses. Does anyone of have good contacts to Cherry or there manifacturers? ;-) Best Regards MaG2k
  13. its a long time ago...around last year i talked with wilba...and he told me that the sammichFM isnt dead...but he will make a new batch if he have time again. he didnt told me why he dont have time but think about yourselfs...what can happen so that you haven't the time you had before...in my special case it was the birth of my daughter and a house...thats why i havent so much time at the moment for midibox projects...but i am very confident about the sammichFM and when wilba says he will make a new batch...then he will do when the time is come. i am hoping too to get one. my OPL3 IC laying waiting around too. :-) Regards MaG2k
  14. very very nice fairlightiii
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