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  1. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    The two sides of R1 have +4.98V and +12.00V so I guess the LM4040 is bad as well. Thanks for you support!
  2. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    I really don't know how this happened, I managed to miss-orientate all of the opamps! At least a learned now how to desolder smd parts with hot air.... After resoldering them in the correct way, the module shows the two top led in red, the 3rd in green the 4th dim red and 5-8 green again. In the CV configuration page 1st led reacts to cv1, 2nd to cv2, and 4th led to cv3. all the other leds show no sign. Is it possible that i burnt the opamps? I used the hot air (300 C) for about 1-2 seconds on each opamp. lgm-
  3. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    The cable is ok. I get the +12 / -12. Layout would be great. Thanks Michael
  4. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    Hi everybody I have problems with my eurorack expander a1 cv module. It seems that I have a short somewhere on the transmute8 board. The tiptop uzeus (eurorack power supply) is blinking, which tells you that the module is shortening the power. This also happens if I connect the transmute8 without superdac and octal boards. I already checked for solderbridges and orientation of the powerplug. Is there a schematic of the board I can use to find the short? and whats the best approach to find it? Best Michael PS: I attached the cv module directly to J19 of my core module. this should work, right?
  5. OLRE16 with Lattice CPLD as Clocking/Addressing interface

  6. The Hexboard

    very nice!
  7. Quad IIC board not working [solved]

    no. but it's still on my todo list. i'll post the command line if i work out. michael
  8. Best practise for MIDI port management

    Dear Peter, thanks for your reply. I'm thinking about another approach with groups, patterns and tracks that has more flexibility and could solve this. But I worrying that it also would lead to a MBSEQ V5 .... Best Michael
  9. In my setup I used to assign MIDI ports OUT1-4 (and channels) to all the tracks I needed. I saved several patterns / groups with this settings. Recently I changed my hardware setup to Quad IIC. Unfortunately all my patterns are saved with OUT1-4 ports. Is there a way to change this without editing every track and saving the pattern again? I might also want to change my setup temporarily to use the USB ports for this patterns and experimenting with the sounds of the softsynths on my computer. I reckon there is a best practice to do this. Maybe sending CC using a loopback track to set/change the MIDI ports? But before I dig deeper into this I wanted to know if I'm on the right track or if there is an easier / more elegant way. Thanks Michael  
  10. Quad IIC board not working [solved]

    programming under windows with the gui version worked perfectly. now everything is running. if i find the time i will investigate into the command line options for pk2cmd. i think programming should also possible with this software. thanks everybody for the support.
  11. Quad IIC board not working [solved]

    i checked pin 6. the firmware is not running. when i read the memory of the pic i get just get FF00s. i also tried programming with different voltages. same result. so i guess programming is not that straight forward with the pk2cmd software. i have the diamex programmer. i think i have to install windows for the gui version...
  12. Quad IIC board not working [solved]

    I used the IIC_MIDI Test V1.002 application. the scan command lists for IIC1-4"not available". I haven't soldered the red (status?) LEDs yet.
  13. Quad IIC board not working [solved]

    I use SmashTVs quad_iic board, the 10uF cap are there, but not green LED. For now I think the problem is the pk2cmd software. I'll have to install a virtualbox for the gui / windows version.
  14. Yes, the PICs are programmed with: ./pk2cmd -P -F project.hex -J0 -M But  I use 33pF caps instead of 15pF ( I ordered the wrong ones because the part list reads: Ceramic capacitor "33"). I think this should be OK since the Load Capacitance of my quartz is 18pF. Am I wrong? Anything else I could have missed? Any debugging steps? Thanks a lot Michael    
  15. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Great! I did not see this. Until then I can change the scale in the source code for my custom firmware. regards Michael