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  1. Hi all 1 step jitter for 7 bits (128 value) is huge !!! it's more than 40mV for 5V supply, there is for sure and issue with your build. Keys for low jitter: -A perfect grounding, with same 0V reference for both servo and AD chips Vref -Quality power supply with low ripple, good line and load regulation, optional sense is a must -shorter wire as possible -optional low pass RC filter can be added   Following all this for my build, running AIN at 11bit (2048 steps) give very low jitter, less than 1 step value change per sec, around 2mV jitter. So the system is finally configured at 10bit ... rock solid ! Best Zam    
  2. MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

    Hi benoit Thanks for your time and explanation. I think I mainly get it, except I use wrong terminology So to be sure I understand well I will reformulate/quote what I see at my system with correct definition you give. OK, not sure If that's what I need, I better explain what I want to achieve.   I'm using MCU protocole to drive 16 physical fader at MB_NG side. Protocol need one midi port for each 8 fader, using ch1 for most data BUT channel 1 to 8 pitchbend for 14 bit fader position data. So I need two midi port each using 8 chn to perform this.   The targeted design is to have n core, each one for 8 fader, Cores connected together (via SPI midi ?) Master core have RTPM card, handle first 8 fader, and just act as router for other core from/to RTPM separate session, which have separate endpoint at other side so DAW can see n MCU device.   Best Zam      
  3. shipping not quite worldwide

    Hi Djordje Welcome here Did you drop a message/mail to Tim (SmashTV) ? have a look here --> Best Zam  
  4. MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

    Hi I have now success using the RTP midi with my MIDIbox There is one thing puzzling me. When trying to emulate two Mackie control at two different midi ports, SPI1 and SPI2 When I open let say 2 sessions with the midi setting (OSX) and configure different ports at MB_NG for two events AINSER (sending data from MIDIbox to DAW): EVENT_AINSER  id= 1  hw_id=1  ain_mode=direct  type=PitchBend  chn= 1  range=map120  value=0 ports=00000000000000001000  #(for SPI1) EVENT_AINSER  id= 2  hw_id=2  ain_mode=direct  type=PitchBend  chn= 2  range=map120  value=0 ports=00000000000000000100  #(for SPI2) both event send midi data to both session 1 and session 2. In my use case 4 fader are moving at DAW (1, 9 and 2, 10 with two MCU configuration) when I move the fader connected to Ain But if I setup different ports for two event CV (receiving data from DAW to MIDIBox)): EVENT_CV  id=1  type=PitchBend  chn=1  range=map130  value=0 ports=00000000000000001000 #(for SPI1) EVENT_CV  id=2  type=PitchBend  chn=2  range=map130  value=0 ports=00000000000000000100 #(for SPI2) everything is fine, DAW fader 1 change only CV 1 (fader 1 move and not fader 9) and DAW fader 9 only change CV2 (fader 10 and not fader 2)   To simplify, all SPI midi ports going out from midibox through KissBox are merged to every session opened. But it work fine the other way, one session send data from computer = one SPI port receive data at midibox All router node at .NGC are set to 0... I there some router at the KissBox ??? that merge everything in one way only ?   Best Zam          
  5. Aout Euro - Prototype 1

    Hi If you mean in series that's for sure But you can hook one diode at posV and one at 0V, will protect positive over voltage to posV+0.7V and negative over voltage to 0V-0.7V. can be a safe move with bipolar supply component next to the DAC. I have to admit I don't do this with my Ain/Aout pcb design... Ain mpc3208 already have them integrated, don't remember for the tlv5630 But I add at all Ain/Aout an RC filter, it improve jitter, in my use case at least. Best Zam
  6. Fader Automation

    Thanks Novski ! Yes it become better and better. Hope I can share a rock solid system soon. Best Zam
  7. Fader Automation

    Hi All Some update   89MotioN 8 fader loaded   Best Zam
  8. KiCAD Midibox Project

    Hi Psy don't be psycho I care about KiCad !!! but not sure a dedicated midibox wiki tutorial is useful, KiCad grow up more and more (tks to CERN) and there is already lot of tuto/forum/help all around. I don't see any "special" lib request for actual midibox project, 99% of component used is standard. BUT for what I understand the wiki is open, so if you feel the need for this, you can start it Best Zam
  9.   Best Zam
  10. Not sure, but I'm confident that KiCad can import background picture at PCB drawing Not useful for components layout reflecting schemo layout as you wish, but can help to reproduce original PCB layout (or close to) Which can help somehow. Side note: R163 and R164, two 1M in series... just put one 2M resistor here... don't understand that design choices. Maybe due to PCB layout, but when looking at it, it don't seem so relevant, single resistor can fit without trace change. Maybe carbon resistor by a time when value over M ohm were difficult to manufacture... don't know. Best Zam
  11. I just go little further, easy to find schemo and pcb I confirm C49 is 1uF 50V polarized elecrotlythic Pict attached with red dot/arrow    Best Zam
  12. Hi Phat   Usually there is a note around schemo for capacitor like "capacitance in uF (or nF, or pF) unless specified" So in your case it's clearly uF.  C47 C49 are 1uF 50v, C64 is 2.2nF. For C49 I suspect a drawing error, there is chance it's a polarized lythic, as C47 If you have the actual hardware you can check at PCB, or at PCB drawing if you have it with schematic drawing. Is that some Roland schemo? typo took familiar... edit: missed but you already tell this :)   Best Zam  
  13. midibox_NG and SPI midi issue

    Hello Thorsten Ok that's great it work now !!! fader moves without USB connected I just made a quick change at .NGC to check, don't have time this week to go further on this i'm in a middle of mix session.   Sorry but to make it work right now I have to define ports=00000000000000001000 and not ports=00010000000000000000. there is some contradiction between text/description and example, but I solved this in few min, as I get the point of 16bit in place of 12bit for the ports definition. Everything is fine   Best Zam
  14. Hi all From .NGC, I try without success to have midi data I/O with RTP-midi (kissbox) connected at J16 (J1 at BEB card) I'm able to send midi with .NGR and SPI1 port definition, but I want to send receive midi with .NGC configuration How can I do that? "ports=" definition at .NGC don't seem to have SPI choices... I'm lost here.   Also I have trouble to update/load data with MIOS studio, I connect to the core, browse and edit config files, but there is error if updating/saving the change. Another example, if I type "help" at MIOS studio terminal, the text with all available command is just crazy, missing parts and wrong "return to line"   I'll appreciate help on this best Zam      
  15. midibox_NG and SPI midi issue

    Hi Thorsten Thanks !!! Did you just upgrade the documentation, because I miss this couple days ago, when I read for the hundred time again the documentation I will try asap juste a note/question according to the example you give, SPI is first 4 digits not last 4 digits, and fourth digit enable SPI 4, if I'm logical ? Best Zam
  16. midibox_NG and SPI midi issue

    Hi nobody using the NG and SPI midi ??? best Zam
  17. Are you sure it's not a real volume pot for analogue path monitoring ? Best Zam
  18. Hi Seggl IIRC, HUI control surface don't have dedicated master fader like MCU, the hardware have 8 fader not 9, so no locked "master" fader. You have to navigate/bank until you reach master fader in your DAW mixer layout. Best Zam
  19. MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

    Hello Benoit yes .NGC (config) and .NGR (script) for MB_NG are "upper level" more human as you say :) so when you define an event at .NGC it's like this: event_button id=1 type=CC CC=1 chn=1 ports=10000000000000 will send CC1 over port USB1 first midi channel when first button in the srio chain is pressed the ports= parameter is like this (from the manual): there is no definition for SPI port... (I try the reserved ones)   but at .NGR which is script that can be launched from .NGC like this: event_button id=1 type=meta meta=runsection:1 I can use the SPI port to send midi like this:   if ^section==1 send CC SPI1 1 1 127 endif exit and my button will send CC1 ch1 value 127 over SPI1 (SPIMO) when pressed this actually work, but I can't use script for all button, led and fader (Ain +Aout) I have.   I'm lost, It make non sense to have the SPI port actually working and not available from .NGC event configuration file I'm sure it's nothing, and I'm just missing an easy point.   Best Zam  
  20. MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

    Ok... I just perform more test I'm able to send/receive midi data (note) when pressing button with script at .NGR file and SPI1 port target (in place of USB1) like this for exemple: ---------------------------------------------------- if ^section == 1   if BUTTON:5 == 1    change LED:3 127    change LED:6 0    send NoteOn SPI1 1 0x4a 127    send NoteOn SPI1 1 0x18 127    send NoteOn SPI1 1 0x18 0    send NoteOn SPI1 1 0x4a 0    change BUTTON:6 2   endif   if BUTTON:5 == 2    change LED:3 0    change LED:6 0    send NoteOn SPI1 1 0x4a 127    send NoteOn SPI1 1 0x18 127    send NoteOn SPI1 1 0x18 0    send NoteOn SPI1 1 0x4a 0    change BUTTON:6 2   endif  exit endif ----------------------------------------------- I still not understand the SPI port choice at .NGC ?!?   Best Zam  
  21. MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

    Hello Benoit   I just reply to your email From my last w-e test, I confirm MIOS and the RTPM card communicate together, I can monitor all the midi I/O port with MIOS studio, and I see SPI coming in and going out (using the MIOS router), I just can't config a button nor a led to send/receive from the midi SPI, I think I miss something at MB_NG side but don't know what.   Ok good to know for the bug, It will save me time to try reaching this endpoint :)   Best Zam
  22. MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

    Hello Benoit Tks for help I ask the question here in place of direct email, thinking it can help other in the future   So I think I start to undersand... I have to change the MIOS code and recompile the app to have access to SPI port I'm just unable/unknowgable to do it I first thinking SPI midi port will be available directly with MB_NG code and .NGC configuration, as we already have a "port=" parameter where we can chose 4usb, 4din and 4osc port and as there is 4 unassigned digit in this parameter I was hoping it's for SPImidi, but no   I activate SPI midi at bootloader side and check the MIOS midi router, loop work fine to and from SPI<-->USB, so I believe everything is fine at hardware   And a kissbox side question, is that normal that I get communication error with kissbox editor when trying to setup the second midi I/O (5006) ?   So it will be great to have a MIDIbox NG 1.036 with direct SPImidi available as port=0000000010000000 in NGC/NGR config file.   Best Zam      
  23. MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

    Hi I'm playing with my new core/rtmp since yesterday. Everything seem to work somehow, I'm able to connect to the core with MIOS studio through RJ45 (with some text bug when typing "help"...) also updating ngc make the connection lost. I'm able to send midi data to the rtpm card from computer over network (red led blink), and while setting MIOS router i'm able to send back data from usb to network BUT i don't get the point to have NGC events sending/receiving midi data over RTPM ??? How can I chose SPI midi port in place of USB, OSC or 5pin midi ? Best Zam  
  24. motor faders

    Hi Novski as you say... time fly and summer come again I don't update so much recently but I work on it... already hit the 4k invest with this r&d and now have about everything at home to check/approve the 8 fader pack. (except fader with one more month delay from manufacturer ) Best Zam    
  25. Hello X11 Thanks, it's a good decision. Best Zam