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  1. Fader Automation

    Merci !!
  2. button_mode=cycle ?

    Hi My box don't require (for now) lit LED at startup so I don't go further. I see two option right now: -NGR with : set/change led at section 0 -a snapshot Best Zam  
  3. button_mode=cycle ?

    Hi You have to set initial value for LEDs too ? EVENT_LED id=17 value=127 EVENT_LED id=18 value=0 EVENT_LED id=19 value=0 EVENT_LED id=20 value=0 EVENT_LED id=21 value=0 Also IIRC I have same kind of issue you describe here, try to put led event definition before or after (don't remember) the other button/sender definition. Best Zam
  4. button_mode=cycle ?

    Hello ilmenator Your welcome ! You already fix my mistake and missing sytax. One last point, I don't know if you need to also control this from external. In case, it will work with an event receiver fwd to sender 1 as I previously say, but you will have a loop with your sender 100 (hw1), I think you can remove this event and just use directly the button to send CC. Also you need a mechanism to update button value from external CC otherwise you will have offset and jump at toggle function something like this:   event_receiver id=1   fwd_id=sender:1000  type=CC CC=103 range=MAP1 ports=10000100000000000000 event_sender hw_id=1000 id=1000 fwd_id=sender:1 event_sender hw_id=1000 id=1001 fwd_id=button:25:2  if_equal=2 event_sender hw_id=1000 id=1002 fwd_id=button:25:26  if_equal=26 event_sender hw_id=1000 id=1003 fwd_id=button:25:52  if_equal=52 event_sender hw_id=1000 id=1004 fwd_id=button:25:76  if_equal=76 event_sender hw_id=1000 id=1005 fwd_id=button:25:102  if_equal=102 event_sender hw_id=1000 id=1006 fwd_id=button:25:125  if_equal=125     Best Zam  
  5. Fader Automation

    Hi all Here is a new one, mostly playing with grouping and various waves/random automation (play mode) No audio involved here     Best Zam  
  6. button_mode=cycle ?

    I just have another idea without NGR but radio_group for led not sure it will work but it deserve a try   at NGC MAP1 2 20 38 ....120 EVENT_BUTTON hw_id=(direction) fwd_id=sender:1 range=MAP1 button_mode=toggle EVENT_SENDER hw_id=1 id=100 type=CC CC=xx #to send out the CC EVENT_SENDER hw_id=1 id=101 fwd_id=led:(up):127 if_equal=2 radio_group=1 #UP EVENT_SENDER hw_id=1 id=102 fwd_id=led:(down):127  if_equal=20 radio_group=1 #DOWN EVENT_SENDER hw_id=1 id=103 fwd_id=sender:2:127 if_equal=38 radio_group=1 #UP&DOWN EVENT_SENDER hw_id=2 id=201 fwd_id=led:(up) EVENT_SENDER hw_id=2 id=202 fwd_id=led:(down) EVENT_SENDER hw_id=1 id=104 fwd_id=led:(random):127 if_equal=64 radio_group=1 #RANDOM etc.... If it work, it's also an easy way to lit led from incoming CC with EVENT_RECEIVER .........fwd_id=sender:1   Best Zam      
  7. button_mode=cycle ?

    Hi Using map and toggle mode should work, as fwd to sender and meta should work for led   at NGC MAP1 2 20 38 ....120 EVENT_BUTTON .........fwd_id=sender:1 ...... range=MAP1 button_mode=toggle EVENT_SENDER......type=meta meta=runsection:1 at NGR section1 if button == 2  set led:(up):127 set led:(down):0 set led:(random):0 set led:(played):0 set led:(chord):0 endif if button == 20  set led:(up):0 set led:(down):127 set led:(random):0 set led:(played):0 set led:(chord):0 endif if button == 38  set led:(up):127 set led:(down):127 set led:(random):0 set led:(played):0 set led:(chord):0 endif etc.....   Best Zam
  8. Fader Automation

    Hello again ! Demo of the day... how to use moving fader as sequencer Best Zam  
  9. Fader Automation

    Hi all   here it is IO board  4 layers, smd for all ic (pitch 1.27 still diy friendly...) Remote board for 6but 6 led, no major change here... and Motor board, with improvement/correction since first manufactured proto PCB   Best Zam
  10. Hi all In addition to my moving fader system (soon released), I write some alternative NGC/NGR for various stand alone calibration process like PID tuning and Touch sensitivities. For the "touch calibration" NGC/NGR I write a loop section with incremental value activated by a button that automatically move the fader (CV output) up and down, in order to see when the touch calibration pot bypass the motor driver (or not) here is the section for fader 1 (CV3 due to HW layout): if ^section == 1 if BUTTON:6 == 127 set CV:3 [CV:3+10] if CV:3 >= 16200 set BUTTON:6 126 endif delay_ms 1 exec_meta RunSection:1 endif if BUTTON:6 == 126 set CV:3 [CV:3-10] if CV:3 <= 200 set BUTTON:6 127 endif delay_ms 1 exec_meta RunSection:1 endif if BUTTON:6 == 0 set CV:3 0 endif exit endif It work fine, but I have a strange behaviour between various fader (8 in total) More I go up in fader activation, from 1 to 8, more the fader is slow !!! despite the exact same incremental/decremental math and delay, which is theoretically around 1.6sec full travel here (14 bit / 16383 steps with 10steps each ms -->1600ms), 3.2sec for the full up and down wave. It's not a big problem for me in this use case, I just need to see if fader move or not, speed is not so important but I like to understand why Is there some priority or something with .NGR and section call?   Best Zam      
  11. Fader Automation

    Hello Novski Ok, you are on the list ;) I will update in 2 or 3 week with price and technical info/notes Best Zam
  12. Fader Automation

    Hi all   First batch on the way Around 10 pcb set will be available soon (I order 15 but I need some and 1 is reserved for TK) Best Zam
  13. My Midiproject

    Ho sorry you talk about the pcb with 4DIN or 4DOUT , so yes two pcb for led and 2 pcb for button is ok :) The only SMD part is the SDcard holder, footprint is large, no special skill to solder this with standard iron. Best Zam
  14. My Midiproject

    Hi Leon Welcome here Your project is absolutely possible with midibox. Few notes: You need 8 DIN/DOUT for 60 button (8x8=64) or a DIO_MATRIX which can handle 64 led and button I suggest you go for the STM32F4 core, which is the more recent core available for MIOS Best Zam
  15. Chain MIDIboxes

    Yes we have a difference here, I don't mention it but I use MB_NG (1.036) at both core. Let's wait advise from TK. Best Zam  
  16. Chain MIDIboxes

    mmm...ok :) maybe this is transfer speed, without buffer consideration and MIOS data analysis ?   Your test is interesting, I think I run a way more heavy stream than you, 8 PB constantly changing, bidirectional, 4 port used, acting button and led, with sysex stream etc... and I can use trice the speed ? What is your cable length between cores ? Here midi In (master core) come with 1k to 3V3 pull up, and midi out (master core) is after a line buffer(74HC244) and 220R (series), ribbon about 30 cm Best Zam  
  17. Chain MIDIboxes

     I think it's only UART port...   Best Zam  
  18. MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

    Hi I'm back on this... I think what I want to achieve request 4 session with 4 endpoint at kissbok dialling with 4 SPI midi at midibox side... Best Zam    
  19. Chain MIDIboxes

    Hi TK Ok, I work some hours to build an HW config to emulate 4 MCU controler test condition: One "master" core (Benoit RTPM core pcb) as midi router only. IN1->USB1....IN4-->USB4 same with the other way One core (SmashTV) emulating 4 MCU instance, one MCU at midi1, and 3 MCU XT at midi 2 3 and 4 As I have only 8 fader for now, physical 1 and 2 go to midi 1, 3 and 4 to midi 2 etc... same for all button and led with midi event. Midi connection between core are quite direct, I remove optocoupler at input master core but use the buffer at output, for slave core it's direct at J11. I compile different app: -suggested 10x speed, 312.5k - buffer 64, look to work fine -20x speed, 625k - buffer 64, look to work fine... -aprox 30x, 1000k - buffer 64, strange things happen, like button mixed up with midi data and fader send wrong data, CC in place of PB etc, for sure there is massive lost in the data transfer... -same 1000k with buffer at 128, don't seem to help I don't go further for now with buffer at 255 for high speed, because for now 20x work... 1ms ? Voilà !   System is wired and up for running, so let me know if you need more experimentation at my side.   Best Zam
  20. Global MIDI Channel

    Ho sorry my bad... Any router configuration? If it's an alternative .NGC don't forget to add a reset_hw command at start Best Zam
  21. Global MIDI Channel

    Hi Duggle How is you hardware connected to your host computer ? it look like USB and I suspect the channel 1 you actually see at MiosStudio is USB1. Your port definition send to USB1 en MIDI2 To monitor MIDI2 you have to connect the respective DIN5 MIDI connector (via a midi interface) and select the appropriate midi in port at MiosStudio (or any other midi host software) If you want to use USB1 and USB2 the ports configuration is ports=1100000000000000 Best Zam  
  22. MIDIbox NG Release + Feedback

    Hi Load command work fine :) I just have a question regarding ^section == 0 When this script is read ? only after startup or reset ? before or after .NGC load ? I'm able to automaticity load another setup without conditional with load setupA at section 0 if ^section == 0 load setupA exit endif But I'm not able to chose a setup (with conditional) The use case is to have "default" acting like configuration router setupA (user config) automatically loaded at startup, but if I press some button at startup it will load other setup, like setupB for dedicated calibration, or setupC etc.. if ^section == 0 delay_ms 2000 if button:1 == 127 load setupB else load setupA endif exit endif  I have the event_button definition at NGC but if I press it, noting happen, setupA nor setupB are loaded and system is locked at default setup.   Best Zam
  23. AVR-Synthesizer "WAVE 1"

    Impressive ! Best Zam
  24. MIDIbox NG Release + Feedback

    Great ! I go to test it right now :) Best Zam
  25. MIDIbox NG Release + Feedback

    Hi Chris Maybe you can try to define an event receiver forwarded to the banked event id ? Best Zam