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  1. Starting MB6582 build

    Yes, rainbow blinky barf is what I am after really, Mario Kart Rainbow Road in synth form.  The two pin rainbow colour change ones was what I meant - I was slightly concerned that the forward voltage might change as it changes colour and make things a bit illegible.... I guess I could just test that though thinking about it now.  I suspect I may eventually regret  the decision due to it NEVER STOPPING, but on the other hand, it's going to look ridiculous and insane and I think that might well be worth it. :) Thanks for the encouragement in this folly, I was expecting a lot of "oh I wouldn't do that" 
  2. Starting MB6582 build

    this is a totally silly question..... but just in case anyone has an opinion........ am I mad to use colour change LEDs for this project? I figure the answer might be that it make more sense for the indicator buttons, but it would be really silly to do it for the matrix.... but maybe it's just a stupid idea all round.  
  3. Starting MB6582 build

    I'm just starting this too, so thanks for all the advice on this thread (including where to get the rocker switch!) That Control surface guide is brilliant Hawkeye, makes me much more confident I can do this!