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  1. One MB-6582, One Power Supply: a Tutorial

    argh, I feel your pain when you're so close to finished! Maybe recheck any new soldering you did do with a magnifying glass? - the 5v rail runs a LOT of places, so any changes you've made it's not impossible they're shorting something somewhere that's causing it. I definitely did this once or twice in what seemed like innocuous places. It's really easy to accidentally ground the ribbon cables for example.  
  2. MB6582 Control Surface troubleshooting

    hmm, have to admit I am not an expert here, and the main.asm file is pretty unclear to me too, sorry! this is a probably pretty uninformed idea, but maybe another place to reflow is Q1-Q4 as I assume these are providing the clocks for the shift registers (it's not clear that they are on the schematic but I can't see what else is) and I guess that is something that might be causing the shift register to give the wrong results of button presses? I guess one of the transistors has to be another candidate as they're not too hard to blow.  
  3. MB6582 Control Surface troubleshooting

    it sounds like you've done a bit of this, but there is a button/encoder troubleshooting guide here in case you didn't find it already: and a link to a MIOS program to find shift register problems... what are the buttons doing instead of what they should? Or just not operating?
  4. One MB-6582, One Power Supply: a Tutorial

    good place to start thinking anyway. I think I need a good look at the schematic to understand why that would help.....
  5. One MB-6582, One Power Supply: a Tutorial

    ah, thanks -  well that's useful to know that it is possibly just a consequence of this set up rather than something I connected I shouldn't have. When I get the chance will try and trace why it happens, but it at least seems to be a reasonably trivial issue so far.
  6. One MB-6582, One Power Supply: a Tutorial

    Slightly odd issue: I have a working mb6582 with this power supply set up. However if any of the separate stereo outs are plugged this disables the power switch so that whenever the 7pin DIN is plugged the synth is powered on.  I assume they are somehow providing ground when plugged. If they are plugged via a ground loop destroyer then the issue is removed. Currently I just have the mb6582 plugged via a surge protected plug. I don't think this is really a very serious issue, but just thought I'd mention it in case anyone can immediately tell what I've done! It is a bit odd/annoying so eventually I will investigate properly I guess.   
  7. mb6582 fan.... Am I mad to unplug it?

    thanks - I have 6882's, plus both airholes and passive heatsinks, so I suspect I was overdoing it a bit! fan now unplugged. I think the other issue may be that the resistors I used for the combined output socket are a bit too large - the individual outputs sound much stronger and have a better signal-to-noise ratio.    
  8. mb6582 fan.... Am I mad to unplug it?

    reassuring, thanks. I'm turning it off!
  9. mb6582 fan.... Am I mad to unplug it?

    Pretty sure my fan is causing a lot of noise. It's especially a bother on the drum engine it seems. I have (8) 6582 chips, all fitted with heatsinks. I'm probably going to be OK to unplug the fan aren't I? I realise no-one can say "yes" for sure, but any reassurance before I do it anyway is gratefully received.....
  10. MB SID classic with 4x20 LCD setup question

    your build looks great btw! 
  11. Anyone in Europe need the MB6582 base pcb?

    Sorry Pierre, I am afraid this got snapped up already!  
  12. Because I am an idiot, when I built my MB6582, I ordered two base PCBs by mistake.. If you're in Europe (I suspect much further afield and it's not going to be worth it) and you want one, I'm happy to pass it on for the cost of postage as I don't need it. I got a lot of good advice and help one here when building mine, so would be nice to pay it forward! drop me a message if you'd like it.  It's one of the modular addict ones and is untouched
  13. New entrant to the SID game

    I've been salivating over the Seq V4 too..... an addendum to the "don't do ebay" is that I couldn't find any any other way, and successfully bought multiple chips from these two sellers in the last quarter of 2018, and they do seem to find SIDs on a semi regular basis... no guarantees obviously, but they have a lot of decent feedback and I have had no issues with the ones I bought.  
  14. 8580 SIDs for Sale @ Meeblip

    darn.... I can also tell you that I've succesfully bought from both these sellers in the last six months, who seem to regularly have SIDs for sale: and all the chips I bought are doing fine.
  15. Back from the dead!

    no expertise here really, but there seem to be quite a few on ebay around the world, and I'm not sure demand/price is high enough for people to be faking them?