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    http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/compucutters/compucut.html check this out.
  2. ok, i see the lc emu is very popular here. but i don't have a mac so logic is out....(unless protools supports this controller, i havent used it in a couple of years...) but i am thinking of getting protoolsthe mbox version is the same soft as the digi 002 version, so is there a way to build a digi oo2 controller clone(minus the audio)this would be a little in the future for me but i was wondering if there were any reasons it couldn't be done, like because it is firewire based or something else weird about it....if the lc is supported by pt then it really is a null point. Thanks
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    any luck on this yet?? i will have a look around on this too, as it could be very interesting to build.
  4. goodstuff! would love to hear the sid as well.... i'll agree wit js ...breakbeatz!!
  5. yes, having them seperate could be good, i was mainly going for an integrated package for simplicity... i could put them in the same case, with seperate ins and out's, and maybe a switch to connect them with no cables??? alsoare there enogh channels on the seq to control a four sid synth? i ordered samples from microchip.should arrive this week, it's really cool that they ship them out free(and fed ex at that). i also ordered somepic 16f's beacause i can use thoese for the sid slaves right? but they did not have pic 16f877"s they had pic16f877a's. Can i use those? what is the difference? glad to be a part of the mbhp family! and can't wait to start on theese things, though it may be a month before i can gather up the components, tools and spare time to get started. in the meantime i will be keeping an eye on this forum and asking questions as i come up with them.
  6. hello, first post here, i am interested in making the sid module, and i got a chip already, a 6581r4ar. i have soldered before(cables and basic repairs to loose jacks and such), and made some simple things in high school, a little circuit that made some led's flash, and a tesla coil from a tv flyback transformer, but nothing this complex.i want to do it all myself from the promming to the circuit boards, so i guess i need the jdm programmer first? then the core and sid modules? eventually i would like to build a 4 sid unit with a sequencer, and maybe add a curtis or SEM filter to it. this may need some extra circuits as those ar cv devices, but i believ this could be acomplished with the analog out module? also, i read that you can get samples from microchip and other companies, how do i get them?? do i have to be a company or student? that should do for now, thanks and i look forward to building many of theese things!
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