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  1. I would like to be able to do pattarns of more than 1 measure, preferably 8 or 16(at least).
  2. cool, does that also require some modification or switch for the caps on the sid board itself? and of course the powersupply?
  3. Thanks for the links and suggestions. as i said i am trying to finish my current projects first(and then a break to make sid tunes!) but am reasearching now, so i will look into it.key factors are reliability, and portability, since i am primarilly wanting a live performance tool.seems portable enough. audio is not a concern of mine at this stage.I originally wanted to stick to mios also, and have already joined you in the other thread.This for me is a long term project( as it involves learning things i have no concept of at the moment), so progress from me here may be few and far between right now, hopefully to improve once it gets going. i am still in a research phase at the moment.my current plan of action is to get e cheap pc system ( hopefully i can find a give away) and get linux on it and start learning. fortunately there are ppl who have done it before to learn from!
  4. I believe all you need to do is set tehm up in the vmidibox and dump the sysex....
  5. I believe the current updates are very promising! i was interested too see how far the pic could be pushed, but quickly my desires exceeded it, hence the linux route(supported by mbhp controls). however, with smaller aspirations the code could be manipulated into other useful forms. A strictly X0X style drum sequencer would be totally badass, and i believe entirely within the pics performance range.Maybe even the triggers could be integrated?
  6. well, i wanted to build two 4 voice sids.one with the full cs and another expander module. so i can have 8 voices of sid madness! as for the extra's well, in case i get a dud, or i have a friend who has expressed interest. anyway it was cheaper to buy ten at 7 euros than 8 at 9 euros.
  7. Congrat's. i've got two running cores two sids(and more on the way) and components for two sid's, all waitng for some sid board's i wll order on monday!Are you using the c64 powersupply to run it all?I've got to try and get that running next. Any advice/ problems you ran into? i need yet to get encoders and then i'm ready for step c (already got the din's and dout's). i am getting quite impatient now, it must really feel good to have it running finally!
  8. anybody order theese yet? I am about to get some .d2k, your's were good right ? how many did you get? I'm getting 10 and hope theyr'e all good( though i figure there's bound to be some duds ).
  9. right, that's what i meant by more generic. I just didn't feel like writing much at the time ;)
  10. you could make a more generic controller, with banks for the different synths/ mixer in reason. point and click sux.(but you deal, right?)
  11. just wondering, what is the board inyour sid to the left of the cores/sids and below the audio jacks?
  12. Hey, they've even got a link to this site!! awesome!
  13. Hey i feel you. it's taking so long for my projects because of underemplyment issues, and schoolwork. but i got a core running, and got my backordered parts just now so later i have 2 cores running! anyway, this is that dsp link i found. http://www.booyaka.com/~oncken/ maybe of some use to me. i won't be able to start anything like that for a bit, i am trying to control my habbit of getting in to deep on things!( my enthusiasm exceeds my abilities at the moment ;) ) good luck on finding a job man, I know how that can be(i'm about to be looking for a new one soon myself...) ArumBlack
  14. yeah! now mine lives finally! and i think i got an app loaded. not sure as i don't have lcd yet. well i have one, but can'y figure it out. the datasheet says it has 20 pins and it doesn'tit's got 14 and 2 for el backlight. this isn't my permanent display, but i thought i could get it to work.it has a hitachi hd44780controller chip on the back. i think i can figure it out, butwill it work at all without all the wires connected?i don't want to have to solder and desolder a million times,but i think i found the power pins. any tips???
  15. oh, and maybe a link to mike's for those in europe?
  16. maybe the link to your site for boards??? or did i miss it? I'll dig up some links tommorow!
  17. i came across a dsp development board by analog devices i think... will have to find the link, maybe you'd be interested. I am no programmer either. i am starting from square one on that aspect. as i said above, if i do it myself it may take a while...but it will be done(attempted at least) I am trying to finnish up the midi box projects i have started already( a sid and an mb64 ) then it is on to some linux programming. I'll try to find that link.( i just did a clean install so it's all on a backup cd now....)
  18. Awesome! time to upload!
  19. compare the 60 to a commercial solution , and i think you still save big.
  20. gotcha, thanks... maybe this should be in the FAQ?
  21. hey sil909...was doing some research on this, and found your post here http://www.lionstracs.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=5 this thing looks like that ekosynth,and just as if not more expensive.that's really more than i would be trying to do at the moment.but it does ahve some cool features.
  22. that's what i thought. just to be sure, how do i know wich caps are polarized? this would be clearly marked right?
  23. i cna't answer all your questions, but.... Hmm.....the pots are 40 & 46k, is there something to reduce them, is that what a resistor is? well a pot is a variable resistor.... as far as i understand you don't need to reduce the values. i was told by someone here that they used a joystick from an arcade game that was 50k and it worked out. ah here it is see this thread http://www.midibox.org/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=parts_q;action=display;num=1071517282 as for leds in the button, you can buy those but also you can put the led next to the button i think this is how Axel did his beautiful lc http://www.midibox.org/midibox_gallery/axel19.jpg the switches i don't know about. oh, and it's not real clear wether the joystick is springy(returns to center) or stays were you put it. i would hope it stays put...
  24. what parts is it possible to put in backwards on the core. i know... diodes, the electrolytic caps..the regulator the rectifier , transistor,and the ic's. anything else? the other caps or the crystal?
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