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  1. no do not use on electronics.
  2. yeah, i think maybe i should just go 4u... nice lcd, i like this one, and will get one for my final design... http://www.crystalfontz.com/products/2002a-color/index.html#CFAH2002ARMCJP
  3. looks good man! i haven't started designing mine yet, have yet to finish the first core and sid actually. but i was wondering, do you think it would be too much of a cram to fit the controls in a 3U plate? that's what i was figuring on. i would put the matrix closer together and us smaller switches. but i would want good knob twisting clearance.
  4. awesome..i've been wondering about linux and music...
  5. yes , that was the stuff, and there was some sort of heater tank they were selling for it too. thank you.
  6. what are you using to etch? i have been using ferric chloride, but i read somewhere that there is something faster, but don't remember what the chemical name (or anyname) for it was? any idea's?
  7. i just put ecm, a fake name so far as i know. for my project i put digitaly controlled analog synthesizer ig ot my stuff fed exed from hong kong, i live in the usa. so just put in anything. besides, what is the worst that could happen if they check? they don't send it maybe?
  8. check out midibox 64e and usb. the usb module looks like a real challenge, so if you don't solder so well you may not want to try.does it have to be usb? do you have a com port? check out the ltc module. you will need a core,and dinx4 module minimum, for midibox 64e, more dinx4 for more encoders/buttons,doutx4's for leds. and an lcd too. lots of good info under the midibox 64e link.( i think i will build one after my sid is finished..
  9. yep. i think they sell ones with a little copper around the holes so you have something to solder to also .
  10. i'm thinking you could not do it. pots are analog encoders ar digital. this would mean they don't interface the same way. also wouldn't you have to modify the firmware in the device? 70 bucks is pretty cheap, but you get no external midi in, so buy a real midi interface, and build a midibox . you can always start with 8 encoders then later ad more or motorfaders. you don't have to build it all as one super box all at once. you can do everything you want and more with mbhp.
  11. will theese updates all be software? or do they need new boards? should i not build the rest of mysids yet?
  12. i've been having the same problem, and i'm pretty sure my jdm is built proper. i was considering buying a programmer....but i'm afraid i may get the same problems... any recomendations. i have refused to goon with my sid until i get the core and lcd working, and with no pic i cannot.
  13. i have a 15 watt grounded one from radio shack, seems to work good. got a small point tipon it and using the thinnest solder i could find(seems to melt easier. be carefull with a 40 watt iron, iv'e burnt up some components leaving it on them for too long.(good for desoldering though) i also saw this today, looks like a decent iron, it's a weller so you can always get tips, and has four wattage selections. nice for someone not needing digitally controlled tip temp, but wanting some control over it. http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshowdetl.cfm?&PartNumber=372-120&DID=7&orefer=esf112503-372-120
  14. ok, so the cores are actually in your rack, and you just connect wichever controls you want? that is a pretty cool idea! and looks darn sweet too!
  15. actually the board is the same, just a different voltage and different caps for the filter. but the actual layout i am pretty sure is the same.the voltage for the 6581is higher and so would probably kill an 8580 .
  16. i made mine here at home...and i have had some of the problems with ecthing that smash has mentioned..i will take a look at using his layouts next time. although i am getting better at etching everytime, they still don't look quite pro yet.
  17. i have used the layouts from this site and no problems yet i have done the jdm and core so far, and used smash's mouser order list, and everything fit right.
  18. i could see how you could do without an lcd, using fruity loops anyway, you can learn and store external controllers from the program, so no need to have an lcd.
  19. this is cool, i will try to make one, after i finish the sid.(wich i have taken a break from for a week but need to get back to)
  20. "Kabelbinder": That thing which is used to put a huge amount of cables together. Plastic string where you put the one end into the other, zip it up and thats it.... dammmmn, I really dont know any english word... english word: cable tie, or zip tie. (truly a great invention, yes?) as for the other things i don't know myself what we call them here.i have always refered to them as"those connectors that fit sil headers" (or dil's if you are using that type) they're thats all the free english lesson for today! enjoy!
  21. i have managed to find a few cables in junk computers i can reuse...but not all the ones i need. still a good place to look, and you may find other useful components as well.
  22. ok, i did try to send them one at a time...i will try again, and they should be up on the portal soon also.maybe today.
  23. ok, tried to send them but got an automated response saying unable to deliver. i think they where too big.hmmm...i suppose i could zip them. i'll try that.still no word on how to get them to the portal.
  24. ok, but they are big....maby your email won't accept them.... i'll send one at a time. try to get them 2nite.
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