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  1. i've been watching this company since they started(not long ago). i wonder if they will make it. very expensive, and is it really that great? only time will tell. i think it can be done much cheaper with mios.
  2. http://www.aaaim.com/cgi-local/shop991/shop.pl/SID=180022565817/page=results.htm i found theese, i was told the resistance would work. never ordered them b/c the catalog says 30.00 min order otherwise they charge you 5.00 handling charge. if you order them some feedback please. crap, that link doesn't work. search for joystick, it's the only one.
  3. hey, before i get building more sid modules.....will theese changes require new boards? or will you use an expansion board? or do you only chnge the software? ( i know the aout will be a separate board.). thanks and great job, now i am even more excited....(like that's possible?)
  4. Also , I was told by someone (Rogic i think) that 50k would work. came up because i had found some joysticks i was going to order.(never ordered them though, due to minimum order of 30 dollars, and they had nothing else i needed)
  5. the preliminary schematic is here...i believe it provides for 8 analog outs.(could be wrong, please correct if so.) http://www.ucapps.de/mbhp/mbhp_aout.pdf as for how it is implemented i guess only one person can answer that.
  6. awesome. do the pins crimp on to the wires, or must you solder them. also polarized connectors, so you can't put them on back ward. (you need the polarised header too) http://www.futurlec.com/Connectors/POLHDCON2.shtml
  7. I didn't get to listen to those demos last nite(had to be quiet as everyone was sleeping...) but i checked them out just now and, wow! good stuff goin on! Will definitely have to try this one out too....(but, defintiley later, after other projects are finished.
  8. woah, that is totaly the page i've been looking for, never could find single row connectors so cheap! I am guessing it is the female pins we would want?
  9. Hey looks great.... "Concerning the chain mode: with some cut backs it could be possible to play 4 patterns at the same time, in other words: to play 16 tracks. Drawback: only one pattern can be hold in the edit buffer and modified live, the other 12 tracks have to be played directly from BankStick. A good compromise for a simple step sequencer, isn't it?" definitely. one question, would you be able to switch the pattern in the edit buffer with one playing from the bankstick without interuption of the song? ( i am guessing no on this? ) still totally awesome if you can't. "Ok, and here some impressions about the current design state (I don't work daily on it, only when I have some sparetime and feel motivated, so I cannot say you anything about the date of the first release): " I feel you on that, and i must say you get a hell of a lot of work done for a spare time project. I started my sid in october and i still don't have it working yet, maybe if i'd have just ordered the boards instead of trying to make my own, but i am stubborn. and i was warned....but another batch of parts is in the mail today so soon......soon.
  10. yeah , cool, that order is in the mail tommorow;)
  11. awesome, i'll send out my order tuesday(holiday here on monday).
  12. wow, cheap....and already assembled... won't be replacing my midi box plans though..i can't buy it in pieces and that's about the only way i can afford anything theese day's....
  13. alright, i'll order a couple, not a full 100 yet though... and i'll be sure to post back when i try them out. now if i could just get some encoders for a dollar each.....
  14. Forum Statistics Total Topics: 2116 - Total Posts: 13139 Last Updated Topic: Midibox64 Seq (Today at 03:26) View the 10 most recent posts of this forum. Total Members: 909 Newest Member: master1960 Your Instant Messages hah, yeah, i should really just go to bed eh?
  15. well, i may just order some then. it'll give me something to use the drill press on again(for the odd spaced holes..)heck, and if they suck well....there's always ebay.
  16. http://www.allelectronics.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi anybody tried theese yet. not sure who makes them but 4 for $1.00 or 100 for $15.00 seems really cheap to me. I know alps are the best but how much does it matter? hah, that link doesnt work.... search for part # LPB-10K.
  17. ok, cool, so i won't bother now and if i get trouble i'll try it out. I've got a whole bottle of nail polish remover, it was working good to remove etch resist( too bad the boards didn't come out so well, next time i try i am going to use the photosensitive boards and see how that method fairs...) thanks for the tips!
  18. Ok, I just soldered up a DIN module, on a board i ordered from smash tv. i think i remember somewhere reading about flux residue i need to clean off? what do i use to clean it? water? alchohol?obviously i am going to do this without the ic's plugged in. should i test it first?
  19. you will need the jdm to program the mios bootstrap loader, or find someone who can do it for you(that's what i did, couldn't get my jdm working). you may not find anyone near you so maybe you should build the jdm. as for how long to get to you, i believe my parts were shipped from hong kong(or somewhere in asia) it took almost 2 weeks, i would guess it would be much quicker for you.as for the joystick midi port there are special adaptor cables for that or you can build one, i think there is a schematic in the forum somewhwere try a search. oh, and after the mios bootstrap loader is burned to the pic, applications can be uploaded via sysex. this is cool because you can try out different apps easily if you only have one core.(say you want to try the mb 64 seq before you decide to build a seperate core for it) good luck!
  20. as far as i understand, Plastic is good, NEVER Metal. it usually took 20-40 minutes for my boards to etch, but i didn't really heat the stuff up too well(ran some hot water over the bottle for a few minutes but that was all).
  21. you can also get some banksticks free from microchip. it is 24lc256. when ordering, make sure to get the DIP package versions(theese are the ones that fit into sockets). good luck!
  22. woah, old post... I got tim(smash tv) to burn my pics already, havent got to test them though..my core was bad(think it was the board i made myself so now i am waiting for more parts to put on a board i bought from tim.should be soon though, would like to order them today actually:)Thanks for the reply though! i finally did get one!
  23. IDC (insulation displacement connectors) I havent been able to find all of them cheap, but i did get some from inside of junk computers.if you know a cheap sourdce post it would you?
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