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  1. Awesome! i checked out those links, and some others i found. I guess my first step will be to learn LINUX. shouldn't be a problem, i have acces to tons of books at school, and instructors and the students too, so that is where i will start. plus finishing th MB stuff i've already started.....i will try to source a cheap(like free) pc to begin work on the software, and work from there. hooray ! I'm sure this will be a lot of work , but i've got time, even if it takes the 4 years i am in school to finish...Thanks for the leads and advice Thorsten.
  2. also encoders attach to the DIN, but regular Pots to the AIN.
  3. I saw some of theese at mouser.... but not sure if they stock them all.
  4. I mean that's cheaper than i got my 64's on ebay, and much less to ship!
  5. sounds good to me......i'd buy atleast two(as i already have 2 6581's.... or maybe 4 and build 2 sids, one all 8580's.... And i'm sure others would be interested. just how many do you need to get rid of?
  6. TK "So, from my experience I can give you following advice: if you plan to implement a much more powerfull, reproducible, standalone DIY sequencer with fast success and open possibilities, than use a cheap embedded PC board, use Embedded Linux as operating system, and use an external PIC18F452 (running under MIOS) to handle with the control elements (buttons, encoders, LCDs, LEDs, etc.) - connected via RS232 to the PC. " You are very wise yes, the power of experience. Can you give me more info Embeded pc boards and embeded Linux? a few links maybe? I will do a search too, but right now i should really be doing homework.... I think this would be a good plan. Thank you so much.
  7. ok, as i said i am no expert(yet). and i knew i had forgot some things. yes i would want polyphonic tracks, though i personally wouldn't need 16 polyphonic tracks. of course i forgot arps and midi delay., perhaps also some sort of midi crossfading?maybe midi lfo and envelopes? yes , the ppqn would need to be improved( i love machine gun drum rolls...) And what if you could grab a knob and search through sequences forward and reverse, like scratching a record?maybe you could link this to pitchbend also to get the pitching up/down effect also? thanks for the input moebius!
  8. ok, not to pretend like i know what i'm talking about or anything but.... I have been thinking on this today, and the possibility occured to me that we may have to start from scratch on this, ie the mios/core may simply not be powerful enough to do what we want. so, i think we need to decide exactly what we want it to do and how it should be implemented.Then asses wether it is possibl with the mios/core, or wether we need to use a more powerful microcontroller. reflecting to what tk said about it may be easier and cheaper to get an old atari, well that may be true, but for me i am not concerned with ease or cost, This is what i hope to do(design music gear) for a living after graduating so that's the motivation for me. plus i always seem to find something that annoys me with the stuff on the market out there. it remains to be seen if I/we can do it better. but i cannot do this alone nor do i even currently posses the skills to get very far by myself. I am in no huge hurry. however my goals and timeframe may not be everyones so i guess i need opinions from anyone else wishing to join in. also please do not percieve this as me trying to run the show , i'm not. i'm just throwing out idea's yes sorry to ramble , I still think the place to start is a list of desired features. so i will start. intended use: Live performance 16 tracks( and perhaps the ability to link2 or more units for more tracks) step recording and realtime recording the ability to seamlessly go from playback into record(a feature i consider essential to live performance). the ability to record note on off, velocity, and gate times, as well as cc's(nrpn's and sysex could be useful for some gear, but not essential,same for aftertouch) "pattern" length of more than 1 measure(4 or better 8 measures?) and some non essential features(but would be very useful to me) Multiple midi outs(all mirroed) i have some synths that just don't daisy chain well. cv outs(not neccesary, perhaps an add on option) that's all i've got for now, sure there is more. any other thoughts(feel free to tell me i am crazy as well)
  9. arumblack

    PSU on PCB

    did you send the corrected layout to the portal?
  10. SIL909 I have supersequencer dreams, but at the moment i do not think i have the skilles to get them to reality. I am attending school for EE, but i am only in my first semester, and have not even an EE class yet. Stuill i would love to help anyway i can, from concepts and later on when i have a better idea what is going on, design and implementation.If you think i could be of any help, or would just keep me informed that would be great. perhaps we should start a new thread to discuss this topic.
  11. Momical: I too would like more tracks...but perhaps the core can't handle them? if so perhaps a chain system like on the sid could be used, 4 cores would be 16 tracks, but using one CS. i also wonder would it be possible to add more layers per track. note number , gate length, velocity use up three and i could use those plus a couple cc's? i suppose i could use another track on the same midi channel, but that uses up tracks. so i guees what i really wonder is how much breathing room is left in the pic for modification/enhancement? Not that i even posses the skill to do it at this point, but theese are things i think about still.
  12. Grommets? could work i guess, never thought of that.
  13. The ltc module provides midi to com (serial). and somewhere in the forum i remember a linkt to a midi to gameport schmatic.
  14. and i'd like to see the sid psu board!
  15. Is it a PIC16F877 or a PIC16F877A? since you mention this.... will the 877A work? i asked before i ordered samples but never got an answer. all they had was the A so i ordered it anyway(as well as some 18f452's for mios.)i have sent them all to smash tv for programing( due to my inability to get the jdm working and lack of time to work it out(would rather build the box!) as always , thanks !
  16. is this the section you are refering to? forgive my stupidity... i can do this after the pic has been burned? thank you ! Preparation After the firmware has been programmed into the PICs you have to change the default device ID (0) to the correct device IDs for the slaves. The first slave requires ID 1, the second slave ID 2, the third slave ID 3. This step can be done with MIDI-Ox, just connect only one core with your PC and send following SysEx string: F0 00 00 7E 46 [old device-number] 0D 03 00 [new device-number] F7. Slave 1: F0 00 00 7E 46 00 0D 03 00 01 F7 Slave 2: F0 00 00 7E 46 00 0D 03 00 02 F7 Slave 3: F0 00 00 7E 46 00 0D 03 00 03 F7 Sometimes also the firmware of the master has to be configured, don't forget to take a look to the main.asm file header if there are relevant options for your needs.
  17. how do you work this? every slave needs and id 1 2 0r 3? how do you set this on the pic16f877?I am having Smash TV burn my pics and we need to dtermine this. I will be using 1 18f452 master,device id 0, and 3 16f877 slaves. thanks in advance.
  18. Thank you Thorsten! i will try to use them as they are... if they've got any left to order... if i have a problem i will have to figure out this amplifier thing .... it will be a while before i get to try it, but i ant to order them now as $5.00 seems cheap to me. doesnt say wether they spring back, but if they do i'll either live with it or try to alter them.
  19. arumblack

    PCB Layout

    surely, if he lets me know what he needs.And of course where to send them.
  20. thank you rogic, i was unsure and the only things i ever saw here where 10k. To Benni, i believe you could possibly use the playstation joysticks, but you'd really have to take one apart to see what your working with. i beleive they are analog pots inside though, well, what else could they be?
  21. i found this joystick for 5 bucks seems cheap. but it's pots are 40k and 46k. theese values will not work will they? is there an easy way to make them work?i do not think i could replace the pots very easily. thank you.
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