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  1. the link to the portal comes up in the nav bar of www.ucapps.de i beleive it is www.midibox.org. i have core and din ready now, i'll need to make ain, i'll probably do everyone a favor and make one for each module. i have contacted poeleq about how to get them on the portal, havent got an answer yet. if you are in a hurry other arrangements can be made to get them to you. as for doing it yourself , more power to you, it will be a learning experience if nothing else.i found that with care the backing of self adhesive labels works best. you will probably mess a few up first but try and youll get the feel for it. you can always scrub the toner off if you screw it up. use the side that the stickers stick to, not the back. again , good luck.
  2. i don't know how to do this, but i think it would be cool, if you had sequenced many knob movements and wanted to be able to tell what was going on all at once.
  3. i have some pdf's that are right, i will send them to the portal. warning, unless you are stubborn like me , i would order premade boards from smash tv. i have made a couple, and they are not as good as i would like, though i think they will work. i definitely don't think you will save money trying to do them yourself.( maby if you have a laser printer, i had to go to a copy shop for mine) i think i am going to buy the rest of my boards from smash tv, unless i can find a better way to do them myself. i only have pdf's for the jdm,core,sid,and din modules, i can make the others if you need them, but it will be a couple days. oh, and they are a big download(for pdf's anyway.) i anted as high quality as possible. good luck
  4. i think he means you do not need the midi mon, just add the code he mentions to the midibox 64 code.... i think
  5. would this be possible to implement usig the commodore 64 keyboard?I'm sure more ppl than me have a few lying around after SID Extraction.could even build it into the case, and maby add a few pots and small lcd?just an idea, as i hate to throw things away.....(and since starting my sid project i have actually used some things i kept because "i might be able to use it one day")
  6. well, i tried the eps but could not get it to open in photoshop or acrobat... so i took moebius's advice and used cutePDF and that works (after remembering to uncheck the boxes that shrink/expand the page to fiit your paper..). so it's off to the copy shop... that and my mouser order shipped today, so if i am lucky i can work on this some this weekend! hooray!!! thanks to all for the help!
  7. hey pay_c.. i could use those jpegs. iam having trouble exporting from eagle so i can take an image to the copy shop and have it printed. i am about to go buy a cheap laser printer so i can print from eagle.... i cnnot get it so it prints the right size whren exporting as an image... so send em to the portal
  8. ok, i don't see eps under the export options ....i am looking in the board editor is this right?
  9. i'm going on the assumption that the copy place will not let me install anything on their computers, so i will try the .eps thing. i know the office max uses photoshop as i have had fliers i designed printed out there b4 but i had to practically tech the moron working there to use it.....i think we have a non chain place that may have competent employees somewhere around here so i'll check the phone book.thanks for the advice i'll give it a try and post back here if i have problems.
  10. well, in that case at least 15 would be needed for a sid control surface.let me know if anyone cancels, and thanks!
  11. ok, that is what seemed right top me. now, i try to find someone i know with a laser printer, but no luck so far. if i have to take it to a copy shop, i will not be able to print from eagle. i try exporting as an image then open in photoshop and try to print but i cannot get the size right. it is set at 150 dpi, i am afraid going lower will reduce quality too much? any suggestions?
  12. or maybe some sort of spring behind a ridgid flap?
  13. ok, i want to do the toner transfer thing, what views do i need on in eagle ? just the bottom layer? or do i need the layer called pads also?anything else.... thanks in advance
  14. this sounds good, can you get more if you have enough ppl to want 250 more???i personnally could use enough for a sid and a mb 64 seq and maybe some othersso i personnaly could use 20-30 maybe more... if you think this may be possible i'll get a better quote on what i need....
  15. not sure about the su 10, if it can send all midi notes or not. if not you can always build the mb64 sequencer.....
  16. i am just hard headed and want to do it all myself, as a challenge i suppose... i will be building the sid first, and will be making just the core and sid first, adding controls and lcds as my busy schedule and money allow, so while grouping onto one pcb may be better, it's not really such an option now.(though i suppose i could make the big pcb and just fill it in as needed....) also i don't have a panel design yet or know what parts i will be using for controls and lcd... thanks for the tips.. and i may decide to order the premade ones anyway, for this first project and try making my own later...
  17. ok, i'm getting an order ready, and i want to order copper clad boards to make my pcb's.... what size should i get? will all the modules fit on a 4x6 inch board? or should i order larger boards and cut them down to size needed? how hard is this stuff to cut?( i have a tile cutting saw, could i use that?) iam going to be building a mbsid with four sids, and a jdm. i also want to build more stuff so i was thinking to order extra now at a quantity discount.any advice apreciated. also to make the boards i just need ferric chloride to etch? i will be using the toner transfer method.
  18. oh, yes... i make terrible assumptions sometimes... you do have a keyboard or sequencer right??
  19. yes it is standalone.. you will need at minimum a core and a sid module..plus the jdm if you plan to program the pic yourself.
  20. i am interested in th3e aout as well...i have a sequential pro-1 i could use it for, and was also wanting to add it to my sid so i can use an extra lowpass filter in it(thinking of cem or ssm). only problem is i don't have a midibox yet, i am currently funding the sid project, then i'd like a midibox....so it might be a while b4 i could test it.....could i install it in my sid and control the pro one from there??? i should have a functional sid in a few weeks, providing no delays in sourcing parts...i have two sids now and all the pic's i need (enough for 2 4 sid's and a couple boxes!thanks to free samples!). only problem would be out of stock parts and shipping delays...should be able to order the rest of what i need for a basic setup friday! i can't wait... if i can run the aout from the sid , let me know so i can order parts for it too! then i will test it out!!
  21. hello. i've got this lcd i scavenged(from a broken peavy dpm 3 keyboard. actually i have all the circuits, yhough the case got tossed long ago.)it is a sharp lm402. it has a chip that says hd4780a00 so it is compatinle right? it seems to be el backlit, hence my question...what will the inverter look like? so that i may find it and scavenge it also, as i understand theese are expensive parts. is it on the board with the lcd? i don't think it is as it has a pretty hefty supply cable going to it. or should i not bother.. this will probably be a temporary lcd anyway, as i really want one of those negative red ones... any thoiughts appreciated. Caine
  22. yeah , that would be cool. perhaps custom layouts other ppl have made too?
  23. i just wouldn't want to buy an app wich is essentialy dead on pc. i know it is capapble enough already though it may be an option. if i buy logic 5 for pc, and later get a mac, can i upgrade to the latest mac version? i would assume so?getting a mac would be qa while off....and i already am familiar with pro tools. and i would want it more for audio recording than midi. any hope of a midi box hui for pc users in the future?i guess this has to do with needing the source code for the hui protocol or something of that nature? also where can i find info on the midibox lc? i don't seem to see it on the site anywhere??? thank you for your reply steven!
  24. i would e interested as well. having trouble finding cheap on ebay....well, it's the shipping that sucks, and they usually include heavy drives and printers, onmly worsening the shipping. got a pristine one with a monitor at a flea market for 15 bucks, so i'll keep searching like that. but i'd pay 16 bucks to get a tested sid.
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