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  1. Is anyone rocking an alloy case?

    I would be in for two sets of panels and cases if there's another group buy.
  2. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

      Thanks!  Looks good.  Hopefully there will be a way to let WIlba know I don't need any YMF262 or YAC512 chips so that he doesn't have to use up any of his stash for me.
  3. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    I'm very happy kits might be available again!  Please put me on the waiting list for three sammichFM kits.   And I don't need OPL3 chipsets as I already have some YMF262 and YAC512 from an old buy that Wilba ran.
  4. Mine showed up last week in New York State, USA.  Thanks!
  5. MIDIbox CV PCB (CORE+AOUT+DINX1+Bankstick) + 2 x MAX525

    I received my MIDIbox CV PCBs and chips from the bulk order today here in New York State, USA.  Everything was very nicely packaged.  It all looks very good. Thanks, sonicwarrior!
  6. You may think I'm crazy (you might be right), but I'd like in for a set.  I'm not out of these, but I still have big plans for them.  :)
  7. My ultracore boards showed up today in New York State, USA looking very nice. Thanks!
  8. gm5x5x5 half-case

    I'll take two!
  9. gm5x5x5 Bulk Order

    Where are my blessed boards!?!?!  Oh wait, they're here (United States, New York State) looking very pretty.  They just showed up today. Thanks!
  10. MIDIbox CV PCB (CORE+AOUT+DINX1+Bankstick) + 2 x MAX525

    Sonicwarrior already has the max525 order in and I wouldn't try to change that.  What I was trying to do is let people know I found a possible source of MAX6007B+ which I'd understood are nearly unfindable as the non-RoHS MAX6007B.  Since I was there at Maxim's site, I thought it was useful to grab the price of max525's as well in case anyone who really wants one missed out on the MIDIbox CV PCB (CORE+AOUT+DINX1+Bankstick) + 2 x MAX525 bulk order. This morning I got email from Maxim that they plan on shipping my MAX6007B+ tomorrow.  It looks like they're coming from Thailand (I'm in the US). I really appreciate how Sonicwarrior has stayed on top of this order in spite of the changing availability and price.
  11. MIDIbox CV PCB (CORE+AOUT+DINX1+Bankstick) + 2 x MAX525

    Maxim seems to have the MAX6007B+ which is the RoHS version of MAX6007B in stock and orderable in any quantity from 1 on up for US$1.53 each.  I just placed an  order for some at with no problems. The same Maxim site is accepting orders for MAX525BCPP+ which is the RoHS version of MAX525BCPP with a leadtime of 4 weeks at prices of: [table] [tr][td]Qty[/td][td]Each (US$)[/td][/tr] [tr][td]1-24[/td][td]$27.68[/td][/tr] [tr][td]25-99[/td][td]$21.99[/td][/tr] [tr][td]100-499[/td][td]$16.28[/td][/tr] [/table]
  12. Dual SSM2044 PCB Bulk Order

    If there's an order, I'm in for enough for 5 boards plus two spares of each: 32 x 10nF and 12 x 820pF
  13. MBFM Bipolar Power Supply Kit

    It looks like they've got almost the same thing (same specs, different manufacturer, doesn't have remote sensing terminals) for US$0.05 cheaper with screw terminal outputs: Datasheet at:

    Yes, ugh.  I bought one of these a month or two ago and not only are they plastic, they're also not very sturdy.  I wouldn't use one to rackmount anything with controls or jacks that get used regularly.
  15. tactile switch part number?

    The mouser part number 688-SKHHDT I listed have 13mm black 100gf stems/actuators.  A little bit but not too clicky for me.