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  1. I'd aimed to make something like this on my website, but unfortunately my SID is still in the "buying bits" stage, though I'm told my guide on the optimised PSU is useful. Unfortunately, another more urgent project got in the way  :'(
  2. Has anyone seen this?
  3. Hello from a newcomer

    I found a good place to start was with the optimized PSU circuit - if you're worried about your soldering skills it's better to screw up on £1's worth of veroboard than on a proper PCB.
  4. SwinSID - a pin compatible alternative to the SID chip

    TK, you're right - that filter is filthy. I need a shower. And a SwinSID.
  5. sid v2 + 8bit LCD ?

    Not a PLED, just your standard Super-Twisted Nematic LCD.
  6. Low cost PCB fabrication

    I've not used them (gold phoenix) myself, but the guy in my local electronics shop can't recommend them highly enough.
  7. Newb Thinks He's Figured the Optimized PSU

    Yeah, when I realised that I put a warning next to the diagram on the page. When I redesign the page I think I'll put a better board layout on there, and put the warning on the layout image.
  8. firmware baudrate experiments -> USB

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't 0x0B == 11? Making 2*0x0B-1 = 21? I'd try it with 0x0D myself...
  9. Looking for advice and/or help

    Is that mine by any chance?
  10. The forum game

    With butter, garlic and onions
  11. Real cheap Alps motorfaders

    *bump* Moogah, any news on when you're going to start shipping these out? No pressure, just it's been a while since you said they'd arrived and I'm itching to get stuck into one  ;D //EDIT: I can't spell.
  12. Need help removing a SID chip

    There's an IC puller in every single computer toolkit. ...Anyone ever needed to remove a chip from a PC?  :P
  13. Tesla coil synth

    That's truly insane. And awesome.  :o
  14. Help Needed Planning My First MIDIBox SID

    Good idea, I didn't even think about that. I'll put the warning on tonight when I've finished work.
  15. Help Needed Planning My First MIDIBox SID

    The 4-pin connection that is wired to the sockets (SIL header) will be connected to the bankstick port on the MBHP_CORE module. The sockets are both connected exactly the same way. The bankstick's ID will be set by the wiring inside the bankstick itself, either permanently or with the aid of some DIP switches.
  16. Help Needed Planning My First MIDIBox SID

    That's correct. They're wired up for external banksticks built into DSUB9 connectors.
  17. Help Needed Planning My First MIDIBox SID

    I made a build-up guide when i built the optimised PSU for my SID - it's at Looking back, by God does that page need a redesign...
  18. Penguin Powered ? - fedora & EnergyXT
  19. Hacking a SpaceNavigator, anyone?

    Not quite - I was going to make a kind of joystick/encoder assembly that would be MB-based, to control the positioning of 3D stuff more effectively than using a mouse and keyboard. It basically was going to consist of an encoder mounted on a joystick, with some other shortcut buttons around it.
  20. Hacking a SpaceNavigator, anyone?

    Funnily enough I was contemplating doing what you suggest in reverse - I do a lot of 3D design work and was thinking of making something like this based on the MB platform, with Bome's midi translator at the other end turning the notes into keypresses.
  21. VERY cool, where'd you get the knobs?
  22. Heya! new guy with some questions!

    Not quite... visit and scroll down to the "hardware options" section. Step C is the full control surface, and that secton lists how many of each module you need. Note that you can build step C without building step B, meaning you can still have the full control surface for controlling only one SID chip.
  23. SD/MMC card to IDE adapters? has CompactFlash I / II to SATA, 40pin IDE and 44pin laptop-style IDE convertors. As TheProf said, CF's a better bet than SD due to its much quicker r/w speeds and total IDE compatibility.
  24. Real cheap Alps motorfaders

    I'm still interested - put me down for one and tell me where to send my money!  :P
  25. The forum game

    MC Hawking