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  1. The forum game

  2. Legal Concerns

    As long as you're not really, really anti, you should be ok  - as long as it comes under "free speech" and not "incitement to riot". That said, the new Retrosic album has the lyrics "Blame your government / judge the innocent / kill your president / yeah, not a bad intent" so who knows...
  3. Dropped hard drive...

    If you've not already taken it apart, i'd be inclined not to - there are companies who can take the platters from your damaged disk and recover as much data as they can from it, and they need to do it in a clean room - the slightest speck of dust can kill a drive. We had a similar problem at work - it cost like £500, but we got a fair amount of data back...
  4. PC Gurus / Ableton Gurus PLEASE HELP!!!

    OK, I'm no guru but I can help you with a couple of things: 1) Yes, that's exactly what it does. 2) Possibly, probably not. Either your memory usage will stabilise at >1gig (unlikely) or it'll fill up the second gig at around the same rate as the first. We use a freeware collection called the PC Repair System here at work, and we've found it to be invaluable for troubleshooting stuff like this - as well as being a damn usefull load of utilities in its own right. You can get it from
  5. New C64 remix (Shades)

    Awesome remix, I'm loving the synth sounds - and I never thought I'd hear a C64/beastie boys mashup...
  6. 10k1Box project - dead and deleted?

    Could you post a link to them? I've been trying to get a hold of them for a while, wasn't too sure where to look (Got an audigy, need to see if I can use a livedrive with it 'cause I can get one for free...)
  7. Illuminated buttons for my Sequoia

    Yeah, I saw that this morning - unfortunately it's US residents only  :'(
  8. Cubase SX 3 question

    I know this sounds real stupid, but I take it you have chosen the correct output in the "out" box for each track?
  9. Real cheap Alps motorfaders

    Awesome, when you know how much shipping will be let me know!
  10. Jesusonic

    Yeah, I saw that too - still, if all you want to do with a footboard is change patches, there's nothing stopping you using a MIDIbox and Bome's MIDI translator...
  11. Jesusonic

    Damn... but still, as a standalone FX unit it could be pretty cool. Shame the documentation is somewhere between "minimal" and "nonexistant" - nobody seems to have a scematic for connecting the pots and encoders up, unless i'm looking in entirely the wrong places...
  12. Jesusonic

    That looks awesome, I gots ta try it out...
  13. My Midibox has its first outing tomorrow night !

    Good luck man, let us know how it goes!
  14. Real cheap Alps motorfaders

    @Moogah & Wisefire: If Wisefire's getting a set direct from the seller, can I get in on Moogah's group-buy? If so, PM me the costs etc and where to send the cash  ;D
  15. a very simple midi-mixer

    Also, if the application doesn't support MIDI for volume etc., you can use Bome's MIDI translator to make your MIDI input simulate a keyboard.
  16. The forum game

    Thin & crispy
  17. PC Midi Interface

    Well, you can buy the gameport / joystick / midi / whatever-you-want-to-call-it from creative if you have an SB Live or audigy - that's what I had to do. Basically it's a 15-pin socket on a ribbon cable hooked up to an IDC plug. I bought mine direct from creative, but it looks fairly simple to make your own and stick it through an old PCI backplate.
  18. Keyboard controller module help?

    Yes, it's entirely possible as long as the pot values in the stick are compatible with MIOS. (100Kohm linear, correct me if i'm wrong)
  19. standalone MIDI phrase recorder

    Currently there are 3 MMT-8's on ebay uk, for £9, £30 and £31 including shipping. None have any bids. Obviously shipping to .au will be a lot more, but it's a start!
  20. The forum game

  21. Real cheap Alps motorfaders

    If you're reserving some for the MB community, can I put my name down for one?
  22. Removing SID chips

    yeah, get your technique right on one of the c64's other chips first, so you know exactly what you're doing before you start - it might be more work, but it's better than damaging your sid...
  23. The forum game

  24. The forum game

    Questionable Content
  25. SID as floor pedal??

    The programming side of things I have no idea of, but as for having an encoder or buttons for bank up/down, i'd recommend a pair of buttons if it's going to be on the floor - it means you don't have to bend down to the floor to change your presets when you're playing live.