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  1. Dout r5 wanted

    yes let me know a price with postage to the uk.  thanks
  2. Dout r5 wanted

    in the uk i dont mind postage costs looking for a couple 2 is great 3 better, 4 bonus!!
  3. Dout r5 wanted

    If anyone has some Dout r5 pcbs spare I am looking to buy some.  Thanks
  4. motorfaders

    also need better photos please, all around the fader, showing it all in the shot not just close ups. top and bottom, also how the cable is mounted for the fader movement etc. Also what desk is it from etc. as asked.  
  5. motorfaders

    they are an older series. PGF3200 series. there should be a cable like this coming from it this is before P&G were bought by curtiss-wright   you could try emailing them to see if they have got the legacy techincal docs for the fader.   the 8100 series and other has a side connector
  6. understanding the .ngc code

    this is what i am working on today, one encoder mapped to a button function. press button one and it changes display 1 value, press button 2 and it changes 2 value. Each button has a status led above it to show which is selected.
  7. understanding the .ngc code

    Thanks Thomas, yes a slight variation of that. I have my test setup on the table ready to try a few things out tomorrow. hopefully it will work!!
  8. understanding the .ngc code

    question: if i have 16 buttons as selectors for each 3 digit 7 segment led, and one encoder for value.  is it possible so if i press button 1 the encoder is mapped to the button one cc~ and value range selection and the led, then if i press button 2 it then changes for that and if i press 3 it changes for that? so the encoder becomes active for the toggle button you press. This would save me from having an encoder for each 3 digit and function. Is it possible to have an encoder function defined in a map? Thanks
  9. understanding the .ngc code

    been busy with work and other things or a while so I havent been in to update things. Today i had a play around with some new controller code, took a while to think about it and get it running, had to pick through some of my info i wrote down. All sorted in the end and i got things running.. the builds are progressing slowly these days because of lockdown here in the uk. But its giving me time to carry on learning new sections of code.
  10. multiple Clcd's

    i got the ainser up and running fine, all the code i ran through it worked first time and it all did what i wanted. I am working on the pcb's this weekend in altium before i send the gerbers to the pcb house, I also found someone to make the front panels for my enclosures as well who makes synth panels in various formats. I will link them in here this weekend. Picked up some really nice illuminated micro tact switches and for another project some larger size 12v illuminated rectangular switches that i pulled the bulb out and replaced it with a 3mm ultra bright led and it works fine. Al in all its all looking godd at the moment, I will update with some pics and build designs soon.
  11. Encoder doesn't work

    Some of mine were jittery as hell. I opened them up and cleaned them with isopropyl and the brass contacts. There was far too much grease in them. All good now with a tiny bit of Teflon grease at the shaft point. No more jitters   
  12. multiple Clcd's

    just got the ainser 64 running set it to a single pot for now to test. and here we go!!.. EOL
  13. Someone left the door open and the light was on... So I had a quick look at the artwork.....  This is like getting a lapdance from your favourite movie star but you can't touch.!!  You sir are a tease, but I like you :).....     Queing patiently 
  14. multiple Clcd's

    Working just got the 3 digit displays running after some advice and help from Thorsten. Just doing the dance, code to follow.   
  15. multiple Clcd's

    Just put the Ainser64 together only to realise I hadn't ordered the Ic's... gutting..  now ordered for delivery tomorrow. whats one night waiting for parts...