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  1. He Electrodancer,


    I'm interested in your midibox stuff, oh en ik ben gesitueerd in Nederland, dus das lekker makkelijk. Als je mij een paypal betaalverzoek doet betaal ik zo snel mogelijk. Ik kan het nu ff niet gewoon overmaken aangezien mijn rekening bijna leeg is, paypal gaat via mijn creditcard...



  2. hello ive got some older midibox stuff that i do not use anymore. maybe somebody stil has some use for it 1x pic based core 1x lpc based core (with seqv4 software) 2x din R5 board 1x PIC PROGRAMMER (with printerport connector and power supply)   1x pic18F4520 1x pic18F4620 1x pic18F4685 2x panelset (front and back panel for the TPD track position display 3x LCD display   selling the whole lot in one go for ....20 euro
  3. seq4v with Aou-ng Dout and TPD

    thanks.....got it working now...!!! it was 4 shift registers (ive tried 5 but that didnt work) thank you !!
  4. seq4v with Aou-ng Dout and TPD

    i have really tried it but i could not get it to work .....everything works but not the BPM and STEP digits can you help me on how to set up the numbers ???.....so i can see what i did wrong here ive got it working now with the dout at the end.... but the build doc sugests to put the TPD at the end of the chain.   cheers vincent
  5. seq4v with Aou-ng Dout and TPD

    aan ive put the Dout at the end now instead of the TPD....its working now
  6. seq4v with Aou-ng Dout and TPD

    Hi there can someone help me with the assignment of shiftregisters in the HW file ? my setup is as follows....midibox seqv4 wilba control surface....linedriver transmitter to linedriver receiver....the Aout-ng for CV out ...then one Dout board for 8x gates and 8x clocks then the TPD module ive got both led matrixxes and the encoder working correct....but the segment displays for BPM and STEP dont work... ive tried different shifregister settings...and if i put the wilba-tpd hw file on the sd card...it works fine...but then i dont have gates and triggers   help is welcome ! cheers Vincent
  7. Looking for power solutions for AOUT_NG

    meanwell rt65b  
  8. AOUT + Line Driver HELP needed, no CV

    do you have the correct HW file on your SD-card ?  
  9. Stm32F407G-DISC1 problem

    ive got the strangest thing... i have three boards..one is a older discovery board witch is in my midibox SEQV4 the two other are new one from mouser (STM32F407G-DISC1) they are programmed with the same bootloader and latest seqv4 0.91 software.....the older works fine but the new ones do not work... the problem is .... when i power it from the micro usb...it does not show anything in the displays...but when i it power from the mini usb ...it does work (the core board with the cardreader are both the same and work fine).   what can this be ?
  10. MB-6582 board set availability (possible bulk order?)

    would also like some boards
  11. Hi, im pretty sure i bought something from you in this lfe. dude can you please make me a midibox seq v4 . or also quote a price for the midibox v4 lite looper . thanks

    Neel G


  12. [B] Buying a MIDIbox SEQ V4 (UK)

    i do not have one for sale but i can build one for you... send me a pm   cheers Vincent
  13. Mongrol's MidiboxSEQv4 Build

    Get some white paint (like they use on model airplanes and boats).... and a little brush....fill in the text engraving...whipe off exess paint with some solvent. you will see the letters much better...ive had good results with that !
  14. powered usb hub

    thanks for the replies guys !