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Building Sasha's x0xb0x


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I like the both, distortion and overdrive. That is part of I/O mod? What have you tested from it by far and what do you think of it?

I see some very small and nice looking power switch... do you have where it is from and do you have some bigger picture?

What I don`t like is that Re`an knob. Being red in B/W world isn`t very nice.

yep, the mod kit includes both circuits along other bunch of ins and outs. very nice thing to have.

Brian ships his kits with all parts included. pictures on his myspace too.

'bout the knob... good point.

You're right about inconsistency in this case, but because of other factors influence, like it's shape mostly, or relation to other visible UI parts. But i confirm that if i ever had another red sifam pointless knob, which i don't, i would not place it there.

I can place another sifam... well well....

Black pointless sifam ('asafnetzer' type)... does they exist?

edit: http://www.sifam.com/knobsSelector.asp?cat=Knobs_Push_On

unfortunately seems like they don't.  :-[

Ok, placing one more asaf knob is better than red re'an, true. I remember It did not fit back then....

Gonna file the shaft later a bit this week. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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...pointless knob, which i don't, i would not place it there.

pointless?  :D :D :D Cool! I don`t know about yours but my tempo knob isn`t pointless at all. I find it very useful. ;)

I really like that P301 knob, it`s just the color that bothers me. Why don`t you try Albs knobs TK used for his sequencer or P401 that  nebula organized for for MBSEQ?

They are pointer-less and they are black.  :)

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Why don`t you try Albs knobs TK used for his sequencer or P401 that  nebula organized for for MBSEQ?

They are pointer-less and they are black.  :)

oups... pointer-less. -errrrrrrr. ER.  ;)

cause i don't have none of them, only p301 in orange, red and blue.

if someone wishes to spare some (even 3-4-5, that's fine), goodie!

btw, i was nicely surprised to see shipping price for padded envelope (containing 1 pot), sent from US for $1.8!

is the most cheapest i can report by far.

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Scoping the output of my unit I'm seeing a 500-600 mVpp signal, so using a LED for clipping the output hardly works. This mod is however mentioned to work at the x0x forums so I'm left wondering, is the output level on my unit too low or are the people reporting this mod as a working one completely deaf? :).

Yey I get to reply myself ;) .. Added the VCF overdrive mod and the output levels boosted clearly to a region (close to 5Vpp) where the clipper diodes clearly start doing their stuff, so I decided to leave the muffler mod installed as well. If VCF overdrive is not used, the output level will still be too low for the diodes, but maybe this doesn't matter.

I'm wondering if, when constructing the final casing, it would be a usable feature to add a socket or such for swapping different diodes to the muffler circuit. With some extremely low threshold value diodes (say, zeners) even the regular, non-vcf-overdriven, signal could be clipped. No idea how the sound will turn out though, but adding this socket could be as easy as putting a screwdriver-fastenable terminal somewhere on the backside of the unit.

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  • 2 years later...

Figured I'd wake up this thread a bit as I have new things to share about my x0x. After having the bare boards in random use for about two years, I'm finally making progress with the enclosure ;).


..and more photos here. If you want to read more about the past phases for this project, try this search. Not that there's much news in the older posts, if you can still recall things related to Sasha's x0x from all the threads here @ Midibox forums.

Now then, do I earn the last-to-finish award for this project? =)

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Wow ... BADASS. I just took a little granny-cruise over to your blog ... some fun stuff. I'd love to hear the x0x mods, too.

Now then, do I earn the last-to-finish award for this project? =)

Yes. But you have to give it up when the next person finishes.

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I am certain there are people who have had MB-6582 panels, boards, and unused 6582 SIDs sitting in a closet somewhere since 2007!

As for this project: I would guess the same, but I am not sure how many people participated. Do you know?

I have shown my x0xb0x to a few other x0xb0x owners, and they generally notice that it's a little different. I wouldn't mind knowing how many others there are, for bragging rights!

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  • 1 year later...

Resurrecting the dead thread \o/.. Completed my x0x during fall 2011 but took a while longer wrapping stuff up on the blog end (or here, for that matter). Roll the links:


Final blog entry

Project page (more photos etc.)




I also wanted to do a bit of extra for this project in the form of a live recording:



So there :smile:

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  • 5 weeks later...

Despite being the 'Bulk buyer' and rare parts miner for this project, I didn't start building mine until last month! I did build an Adafruit kit; I got to the top of the list  just after I started the bulk buys, and so got the kit and built it so I could test programmed processors, and check parts differences. I had a  long layoff from electronic music work in general, due to a lot of problems in other parts of my world, but recently got back down to it.


Amusingly, following a comment above, I have just finished my MB6582, (from Wilba's original boards), bar some ventilation holes in the case, and outputs for the MBCV-NG board to drive the 2044 external filter boards.


The x0xen will be next - I've built up the power boards, and am just waiting for some multi-turn trimmers for the PSU setting - having built an Oakley TM3030, I can say with all certainty that they make setting that 5.333 Volts much easier. I am currently trying to find a local paint sprayer - i want to do the PT-10 case in silver to match the panels.


I'll blog some details when I get a few minutes.


I think I get the 'wooden spoon' prize for assembly  time here!

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