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MBHP TV (preview)


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VGA is nice and easy but you need a pin for hsync, a pin for vsync, and 3 pins for R, G, and B.

If we could get all of those, you could do multicolored stuff!

This is a project worth persuing... after I learn some more ASM, I'd hope to contribute to this! (no PAL here :'()

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Right, I know this topic's getting a little old now, but how's this sound...

TV resolution, frame rate etc are limited by available memory, and the app to display to a TV takes up most of the rest of the memory leaving no room for anything musical.

1. PIC18F4620 has a lot more memory than the 452, so can this be used for more code / resolution?

2. Could a driver be written that uses the MBHP_TV as a large (G)LCD, running off a second MBHP_CORE?

EDIT: I know it annoys people to say this, I know it certainly annoys me, but my programming skills are nowhere near good enough to implement this, I just came up with the idea and thought it best to post it before I forgot..

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The driver being written... maybe with super heavy modding to the whole core module...

I dont know where this app spits out its signals, but you could use an AOUT for VGA, which would be 0volts (zero brightness) to .7 volts.

Of course R, G, and B, and 2 syncs... It could be done!

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MAX525 looks like it could do video... I didn't entirely read what it was but the total harmonic distortion (distortion of incomming analog? seems fine until about 50khz, where it shoots up pretty sharply.

Luckily, maxim is amazing with samples and if they will let you sample a chip, they ship them in nice little boxes and everything...

What would you use the max525 for? Analog->digital ins for a pseudo DIN input?

That would be pretty cool to have the monitor's signals converted to digital or whatever but what were you thinking?

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