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3.2 Touch Screen


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I bought a cheap Tochscreen from China on ebay.

After some try and error i was able to get it running. It is working quite well.

I had some problems with the touch module using the i2c on J8/9. So i had to use some gpio pins on J5A/J5B.


I used the UTFT Library from Henning Karlsen as a starting point.


Maybe someone is interested in the code.




here the link to the display on ebay:


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The pcb beneath the dispay is forcing me to use the 16bit parallel mode of the 1298 controller. i could read out data from the diplay, but i had no reason to do it yet.

i am not capable of getting the display to work in 8bit mode. i can't find the fault and it is driving me mad. they mouted a 74HC573 latch on the pcb to use the 16bit mode with 8 bit input, instead of making it possible to enable the nativ 8bit mode of controller.

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Yes that looks exactly the same as the ILI9320 based displays that we bought Shuriken.


I did manage to get a MIOS32 driver written and working for it in 8-bit mode but since then I have had a bit of a crash and I think I lost the source code :(


If I remember correctly, the key to getting 8-bit mode working was that you place the LE pin high then load the lower 8 bits onto DB08-DB15 and then set LE low and load the upper 8 bits. the transition of low to high latches the current state of the inputs on the 74HC573 (DB08-DB15) and outputs them to DB00-DB07, this has the effect of loading all 16 bits to the display, you can then pulse the clock.





EDIT: Also DO NOT tie the unused DB00-DB07 inputs to ground, they MUST be left floating as otherwise it won't work in 8bit mode!

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