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[FS] Core8, SID, DIN, DOUT, Ultracore, I2C DIY stuff


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If you like to buy more, we can make prices even cooler, but should be low anyway. Prices without shipping and paypal.

If you feel like you would buy more DIN/DOUT boards if they were cheaper let me know, I basically like to get rid of my backlog, that's all.


1x MB diode matrix board, normal price, i bought it accidentally.

1x GM5 board + GM5 IC 10€

8x DIN boards assembled but check before powering. They have been in the box some time.

the ones without ICs have the bypass caps soldered, the ones with ICs on board don't have them yet

5€ each, as is

8x DOUT boards assembled but check before powering, they have been in the box for some time.

one seems to have been for MBSeqV3 (the bigger bypass circuit), one was for the FM Synth (right)

ICs missing but they're just a few cent and available everywhere

5€ each, as is.

4x SID board. The brown ones are known working, had them for 8580 stereo setup (Cables are prepared for it). Epoxy ones I haven't tested, just assembled. You need to check if everything's ok. Let's say 8€ that's well below kit price.

ULTRACORE assembled, no ICs, 15€

4x CORE8, 2 known working (had one in SID, one in FM to test) the other 2 i can't remember but i think i never had problems with any cores. 10€ As is.

I2C board for 4 MIDI outs, built, not tested yet, As is: 15€

the PICs 4685 and 4620 i will give with the 2 cores that have no PIC yet, you can choose which one you like

2x AOUT boards

LPC17 Core

AOUT_NG just built, I can't remember if i tested it. As is. Material price.

MB FM board

8x Bankstick board

8x 256er Banksticks

20 grey Waldorf Knobs

8x 512er Banksticks

2x LED Rings boards Rev 2.5


Boards for free:

SID x4,

CoreV3 x2

CoreV2 x2 if you like to try it.

I had some cores and sid boards from Mike that had bad drilling, I have no idea if these are such, or if these are fine, so i just give them away for free, if you like to try them no risk.



post-5444-0-21531400-1427010156_thumb.jp post-5444-0-54325300-1427010146_thumb.jp post-5444-0-20756100-1427010142_thumb.jp post-5444-0-30501600-1427010124_thumb.jp post-5444-0-87843000-1427010112_thumb.jp post-5444-0-70801000-1427010106_thumb.jp post-5444-0-60243900-1427010100_thumb.jp 



I also have some modular stuff for sale on Muff Wiggler's if you like to have a look!

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hello Rosch,

I'd like to buy :


LPC17 Core, known to work. Normal Price that you'd pay when you buy everything.

AOUT_NG just built, I can't remember if i tested it. As is. Material price.

MB FM board, assembled including the SMT parts, not been tested except for no shorts. 15€


2x AOUT boards one bridge soldered each, 5€

is this the normal Aout with max525 ?



let me know your price for these parts + shipping.....


I'm in France


best regards



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Damn, sorry guys, I've missed your posts. I only got notification for PM's, quite a surprise!


well, the LED boards have both been sold and shipped today.

512er bankstick chips are gone too.

LPC17 and 2x Aout (yes it's for Max525) are spoken for.


The rest is still up for grabs.

If you guys are interested in the rest please just shoot me a PM, i get that immediately on my phone and it's reserved!

Thanks for your interest!


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