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New Topics in MBHP>Basics section of the wiki

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HI all,

just started few new wiki topics, as told in the title.

http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=electronics_basics (translation from some of my blog articles and some addings, corrected by Sauraen & Latigid)



Last Second edit : Updated link Another new topic in wiki : http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=digital_electronics

Feel free to have a look and give feedback! If you can also add coherent content, if you can/want, would be great.

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By the way , after exploring the wiki a bit more, it's kind of really the mess and it hurts my eyes.

Much informations is there but no one should get into because of readability problems : There are many large blocks of text and too few pics in many section , 

Is it possible that I redo some layout in several section? I mean without deleting any content , just making it more organized & cool to the eyes? (that's a thing i do well )

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Thank you =) 
Trying to keep the things going on ^^ 
Giving much updates to the MBHP part of the wiki.
Will continue to fill the wiki instead of filling some private excel files =D

I am just giving some structure / readbility / visuals to some existing but splitted data ; can also make the point for myself at the same time about what i know about midibox.

If there is any point you want to be filled before another,just tell. Do not hesitate giving feedback  also =)


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when i was young i learnd radio&TV-Technican (electronics), but since the whole story made no senso to me, and the teachers where far away from a mentor or father (more darth vader=), and there was no fun (Synths!) ... so it turns out i learnd not much...

by reading your electronic basics wiki, i got an overview about that stuff in minutes... i become a idea of LAIS would feel...

i didnt understand the schmitt trigger... maybe need more explain or e simulation.


thx 4 that


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You're welcome @Phatline , i share kinda the same story.
Learnt Electronics in high school and it was boring as hell. By making this wiki part and getting corrected ( By @Sauraen & @latigid on to not name them), i've also made the point about all my old electronic knowledge that i'll have to use in my on-going electronics projects. I am happy to see it's useful to others =)

Regarding the schmitt trigger, i maybe did not put the right words on the thing. I'll try to sum up the concept in others words:

if Ve is too low, Vs will be ON, but if Ve is too High, Vs will be OFF. The high/low limits are +/- Vtrigger . Does it sound better?


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The example of the heater/thermistor temperature maintainer is a good thing :

Imagine a transistor as driven switch for a Heater on Vs. Then Imagine a thermistance that makes Ve change.

If the temperature is too high , it will stop the heater.If the temperature is too low it will run it. The range of temperature gets defined by VTrigger

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Hi !
Great changes have been made to http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=modules_and_parts
But everything is not filled yet. If you have a wiki account you can update things =)
Please have a review and give feedback. The links to the datasheets are links to my google drive, maybe it could be uploaded to midibox wiki (dunno how to upload PDF/Larges files in the wiki)
By the way when i changed the page name it now displays bad on the start : "modules_and_parts" instead of "Modules and Parts" it would need to be changed .

Edit : Wiki Logo should be changed to the forum one (the MIDI plug) - If an admin could do it?
There is also kind of redundancy in http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=projects and http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=mbhp
My advice is keeping splitted the "Official" Ucapps board in a same page (mbhp) from user projects (wich have a dedicated page). I've put some FIXME before doing it for real.

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