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[FS] All my Gear, Faders, Knobs, just ask


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Hi there, im selling all my midibox stuf because of a shift of my interessts lately.

I have :
about 100 Alps Faders of the cheap ones,
about 30 Alps Faders of the expensive ones,
about 40 Rotaryencoders with Color LED RGB
about 200 pcb's i designed myself. go have a look at my github account: https://github.com/novski
I have two of these cases:
(i kindly got them from Screaming_Rabbit some Years (?) ago for free, so who is willing to pick them up i will give away for free again.)IMG_0761.thumb.jpg.8aef47e3d62d2a3316ed4

And the Fadermodule inside is for sell as well:


Its midibox compatible. Just you need to find out how by your self. :-)

There is a RTP-MIDI module from BEBDigitalAudio
and some RGB Button modules like this: link

I have more Midibox pcb's and testing stuf, i can't list it all...

Just ask or visit if you are from/in Switzerland.

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Hey Novski

That's what I understand too.

Do we still see you around ? you just shift interest to go further with your controller design or you shift whole interest ?

I'm short at the moment but if I can in the few next week/month I pay you back to have my PCB returned, as 8 or 16 RSAOK fader with coreless motor



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