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Midibox64 Project Started!!


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Hi, my name is Stefano from Italy, I'm a dj and i'm now using Traktor dj studio, 2 Gemini xl500 turntables and a Behringer DJX700 mixer.

the main trouble I'm experiencing when mixing a Traktor mp3 and a vinyl is the tempo and pitch syncing because the keyboard that don't offer too much sensitivity like turntables pitch fader.

So I've decided to start building a Midibox64, Traktor dj studio consolle like.

This is a preliminary design of the panel, I have some indecision about the bottom part of the consolle but i think probabily it's definitive:


what do you think about this? who have some modifications to this design to improve funcionality before i start building the panel?

thank you everybody for the fantastic projects (I'm planning to build a OPL3 synt) and for the support  !!

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yes, I've draw he panel with a cad, printed in 1:1 scale on many sheets (like an A3 made of many  A4 sheets), and glued on the panel.

so i have made the holes and cutted the alluminium with a special aluminium cutting tool on my dremel, it's like cutting butter.

but some adjustment with an abrasive tool ( i don't know the name in english, in italian is "lima" ) was needed. you can see some pushbutton square holes before and after the cure.

that's all, it wasn't difficult, and the result is good.  :D

I've asked for laser cutting but it was about 100€  :o :o

I'm thinking my english is very bad...

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There is the tool used for cuttin the panel, at 33000 rpm is a bomb with the Al, better than working on wood.


now is time for electronics:

This is the power supply, it was mounted on a lan switch


This is all the electronics, but i need to build another two DIN and DOUT modules.


this i the faders I used, I have about 120 pices, I fortunately can't use all of this so if you need some pots I can sell :


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