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  1. Hello i have recently changed the screen off my MB9090 , I choose a EA DOGM128S-6 (FSTN Negative). I m wanted to know if I can changed by the new oled screen EA OLEDL128-6LWA ? The size os the same but I don't know if I need to set the new screen with MIOS32 and if it's work without changed anything in the framework ?
  2. Hello I want to finish my mbseq V4 with the new core STM32F4 i m not sure that i need 4 midi input so i wanted to know if i could used the quad IIC midi board with the STM32F4 for have 2 input midi and 6 midi output and the BLM output (2 input and 2 output midi come from midi I/O board for STM32F4) Zephyrin
  3. Hi antix i have build this rack if you want the fpd file let me known...
  4. Hi i have used the seb Drumbox for have velocity control for each instrument of my tr8060. http://burnit.co.uk/sdiy/index.php?page=drumbox I have connected the accent and trigger input on the same output pulse. Trigger input work fine with a pulse between 5v and 15 v so you don't need to send a spécific +5 Volts.
  5. I have received my case. Just a question where are the instructions for building the case ? It's me or there are only 5 faces ?
  6. I received the shipping info too. Thanks a lot for organizing this group buy.
  7. Hi kristal, I am interested in a black Heidenreich Case. I have put name in to the wiki but i m not shure that the shipping price is correcte for switzerland !
  8. Hi Kanji velleman make all color digitast http://www.velleman.eu/products/search/?q=digitast&search=Recherche http://www.velleman.eu/products/view/?id=2753 for exemple the ref for red with red led is SP86-A2-1-1 yellow with red led is SP86-A2-2-1 With google and the ref it will be easy to found a seller .... It s also easy to change the led
  9. He thank you for your answer When i have tested my MB808 i haven't put nothing on the AC input and now i understand why i have no sound i will trying this as soon.
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