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Found 19 results

  1. SSl Blog Post 02 Hello again, Last time I wrote about the design process of my console. In this post I want to focus on the electronic part. In the last couple of weeks I searched for the right knobs, faders and pots for the project and I nearly found all I need. The pots were the simplest part. I opted for the Alpha 10k Lin https://www.musikding.de/Alpha-Potentiometer-16mm-10k-lin Each channel will have one motorized fader. Here I choose the PSM01-082A-103B2. https://www.mouser.de/ProductDetail/bourns/psm01-082a-103b2/?qs=MAZTpT1IVl8rvdecO07rRA==&
  2. Hello all! I've run into a problem while implementing a granular synth on a STM32F4 Discovery using MIOS32. The synth algorithm makes use of floating point operations - I thought it would not be a source of performance issue, since the MCU has a dedicated unit for floating point calculations. Actually, there are performance issues, because the FPU is not enabled for the compiler (I'm using the original toolchain). There's a line commented out in trunk/include/makefile/common.mk: ifeq ($(FAMILY),STM32F4xx) # leads to a crash - reason not analysed yet #CFLAGS += -mcpu=cortex-m4 -mfpu=fp
  3. I had been getting the following error from the terminal when trying to access the sdcard on my STM32F4 core: [[35355.231] SD Card Informations [35355.231] ==================== [35355.231] ERROR: Reading CID failed with status -256! [35355.231] ERROR: Reading CSD failed with status -256! [35355.231] [35355.231] Reading Root Directory [35355.231] ====================== [35355.231] SD Card: not connected [35355.232] Failed to open root directory - error status: 12 [35355.232] [35355.232] Checking SD Card at application layer [35355.232] ===============================
  4. Hi everyone, using eeprom module in C++ code doesn't work, as there isn't extern "C" in eeprom.h, as far as I know. I've fixed this locally for myself by enclosing #include <eeprom.h> with 'extern "C" {}', but I suppose more general fix would be adding this to eeprom.h file. I'm sorry in advance if this isn't the right place for posting issues. Cheers, Djordje
  5. Hi All, I hope this is considered the correct part of the forum for this. I am a novice midi to MIDI and a general tinkerer. Not much of a musician either.... I saw the Goom Synth build on the STM32F4 and thought it looked like good cheap fun. I have managed to procure the board, install MIOS32 and upload the synth "project.hex" without too much stress. I don't have a good way of playing the synth (no keyboard ATM) so long term I wanted to try using an old Motorola Xoom as a touch interface, similar to "ttfshtt" or "AVLG". Currently I have managed to connect to the tablet using
  6. Hi, just wondering if the I2S DAC module still useful with the new core32 STM32F4?
  7. Another question about the MBHP NG platform: How to connect the Motorfader NG to new core32 without using MIDI (STM32F4)? Wich best way and protocol to use? (as well as MIDI I/OS on new core are already quite "pin-loaded") thanks in advance, Jerome
  8. Hi, I just finished building a CORE_STM32F4 with a MIDI_IO Module. It's connected with a MB909 MK-IV board but this is another story. I've noticed that 3V output, VDD output are @ 3V... I'd expect 3.3V ... By the way I'm looking into this because I've having trouble with the LCD: it's unstable. The best way to replicate: hold EDIT button, it makes at lot of message on the SPI, after few seconds the DOGM display becomes full white. The core is supplied with a 2A PSU. The sofwatre doesn't crash, can see SPI messages after LCD "crash". Anyway, the quest
  9. Hi there, I have no virtualized Windows so I am trying to flash the bootloader with openocd: openocd -f stm32f4discovery.cfg -c "program project.bin exit" I get following output: Open On-Chip Debugger 0.9.0 (2015-11-28-15:54) Licensed under GNU GPL v2 For bug reports, read http://openocd.org/doc/doxygen/bugs.html Info : The selected transport took over low-level target control. The results might differ compared to plain JTAG/SWD adapter speed: 2000 kHz adapter_nsrst_delay: 100 none separate srst_only separate srst_nogate srst_open_drain connect_deassert_srst Info : Unable to match requeste
  10. Hello I want to finish my mbseq V4 with the new core STM32F4 i m not sure that i need 4 midi input so i wanted to know if i could used the quad IIC midi board with the STM32F4 for have 2 input midi and 6 midi output and the BLM output (2 input and 2 output midi come from midi I/O board for STM32F4) Zephyrin
  11. I have an STM32F4 that refuses to work with both SD & ENC28J60 ethernet modules using MIDIbox NG & CV V2. Working: Ethernet and no SD When I boot it without an SD inserted, the ethernet works fine: Ethernet cable connected: yes Ethernet MAC address: 00:39:36:30:39:31 Ethernet services running: yes DHCP: enabled IP address: Netmask: Default Router (Gateway): Not Working: SD and ethernet together (ethernet gets disabled) However, the moment I insert an SD card, I get various errors and the ethernet disconnects: [MIOS32_ENC2
  12. Hi all, I want to build the STM32F4 module pcb, but I'm not sure what the parts list is for what goes on the PCB. Is there a parts list anywhere for what goes on this PCB? Is there a SmashTV kit available that has all of the parts that go on the PCB, or would I need to order those from another supplier? Thanks, John
  13. Hi everyone, I have a strange problem with my STM32F4 Discovery not being able to communicate with MIOS studio. I flash the STM32F4 with the mios32 bootloader no issues via ST link, but then if I reboot the core and connect through the left Micro-USB, the USB MIDI driver doesn't come up on either windows or macOS (so I can't connect it to MIOS studio). If I boot the core in boot hold mode, the USB-MIDI driver comes up on both Mavericks or Win7 (MIOS bootloader) the core gets recognised and can upload an application (ID=0), but when I then upload midibox_seq_v4_086 and reboot, even thou
  14. Hello guys, I am facing a stupid problem with a LCD (4x20) connected to the RTP-MIDI core... It simply does not start. I am sure that I forgot something somewhere, but I can't find what I have verified all lines under the bootloader using the testlcdpin command, everything is fine I have set the display size to 4 x 20 in the bootloader In my app, in the APP_Background, I have put this sequence : MIOS32_LCD_Init(0); MIOS32_LCD_Clear(); while (1) { MIOS32_LCD_CursorSet (0,0); MIOS32_LCD_PrintFormattedString ("TEST"); } but my display clearly does not even initialize
  15. I noticed that a port to the STM32F4 Discovery has shown up in the MIOS sources. What is the status of the port? Is a new Core board planned? The STM32F4 parts have a few features that the LPC1769 doesn't, mainly a proper SD card controller that can use 1 or 4 bit modes instead of SPI, should be a lot faster; and an external memory controller for SRAM or additional Flash. Unfortunately the 100 pin part on the Discovery board doesn't expose all the pins needed to properly interface with external memories, but for synth/sampler-types of instruments the prospects of a MIOS with access to mega
  16. From the album: Simple-MIDI-Router

    Simple STM32F4 core module

    © Elektrophantasten

  17. Adamster

    MIDI Player

    From the album: Tutorial

    low cost STM32F4 MIDI Player Erster Erfolg mit dem Tutorial #019: A MIDI Player plays from SD Card

    © Elektrophantasten

  18. mono

    100 0603 SMALL

    From the album: STM32F4-MoNo

    final version of the prototype with more buttons and an encoder...

    © mOnO

  19. Im planning a prototype of the stm32f4-core using the stm32f4discovery. unfortunately i cant find any notes on J28. nothing in the diagram and nothing in the mios32-include-files either.... basically i want to connect two ks0108 lcd-displays, which will need 4 cs-signals. on the lpc17-core they are provided via J28, but theres nothing like that on the stm32f4-core. am i missing something or is this just not implemented (yet) ?? mOnO
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