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  1. AINSER + CLCD display = more analog jitter

    I'm quite sure you can leave it away if using an external PSU. I've never used it in conjunction with MCP1541.  I think the resistor should "decouple" the VRef from Vdd somehow. But I don't know anything about the technical background. 
  2. Elrom Teaser :)

    What kind of switches you will use?  
  3. AINSER + CLCD display = more analog jitter

    I don't know. I can't see in the datasheet if 5V input voltage is enough... so, try it and please report back.
  4. AINSER + CLCD display = more analog jitter

    Well... at least for me it solved all problems :-) 
  5. AINSER + CLCD display = more analog jitter

    I use this method a year or so on different cores with different configurations. My last build was a faderbox with 9 100mm faders which can send 10bit resolution with USB-power. If you only need 7bit, there shouldn't be any problem. Yes, it has 4V Output. Of course 5V would be better. But as @Zam already said: You can not really clean up 5V USB and end up with 5V. You will loose something. I'm okay with it, because it works perfectly. Even on breadboard. No need for a high-precision PCB-design to get this working. Just try it. It costs just a few cents.  I have a few capacitors connected to the USB-5V-rail and an inductor in front. But even that is not necessary. My earlier designs didn't have that filter-caps and worked very well too. 
  6. AINSER + CLCD display = more analog jitter

    The solution is easy: Go and get a MCP1541. You connect USB 5V to the input and it's output you connect to the VREF input on the AINSER8 (of course you need to cut the trace between VREF and +5V on the AINSER) and to the all analog controls that are connected to the AINSER8.  This little IC solved all my problems I had with jitter. Especially when running just at 7bit, this should do the trick.
  7. Strange... Could you please upload an image from the core-module? Maybe there is a jumper missing on the discovery-board itself?  Also you don't need both USB-connectors for uploading that firmware. The micro-USB should be enough. 
  8. OLED: Stream longer than pixels on display

    So in case I have another sysex-stream assigned to the 2nd line this would also get overwritten? This is also no solution for me :-(
  9. OLED: Stream longer than pixels on display

    And what happens with the text when it exceeds 128px? Wordwrap? Or discarded? 
  10. Hey people, I have a question: I use OLEDs with a resolution of 128 x 64. I use them in a row. I set up a sysex-stream which shows text on the displays. This stream is set to lcd(1:1:1).  If the text takes more space than 128px, the rest gets printed on the next screen(s). I know that this could be useful. But not in my application. Can I somehow disable that? I took a look into the code but I didn't find it yet.  Each OLED should get it's own stream. If I do not push the streams in the correct order (f.e. first stream 2 => OLED 2 and then stream 1 => OLED 1) it will overwrite stream 2 of the 2nd OLED. Thanks, Chris
  11. Dear FantomXR,

    On the forum I red you made some coreboards with everything on it for making a midikeyboard. I'm very interested in this do you still have some and can I buy such a coreboard from you?

    Cheers, Roel

    1. FantomXR



      I’ll receive a new set of coreboards next week. I’ll let you know as soon as they arrived and I tested them!



    2. Elektruck


      Cool, I'll look forward to it!



  12. Fatar TP/40L Midification

    Great! Looks good! :-) Strange keybed... from C to B?
  13. Hey people, I have a question: I have made my own MB_NG & KB-application. Now I want to save only the files that are needed to "make" this firmware into a separate folder to keep the oversight.  Does anybody know how to do this? I'm on OSX and work with XCode.  Thanks, Chris
  14. MCAN

    Looks like an awesome feature! A perfect way to connect two or more midiboxes without adding latency! Thanks for sharing! :-) I'll give it a try also...
  15. Why does the HC165 even work?

    Oh dear... thanks for clearing my mind! ;-) BTW: Do you watch this forum all day? ;-)