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  1. Ctrlr based editor for MBSID V2

    i get the same with param 1 also
  2. Ctrlr based editor for MBSID V2

    Thanks TK. your awesome
  3. Ctrlr based editor for MBSID V2

    Thanks TK, your awesome, shame i droped my sammich and the encoder is sort of jumpy between forward and back when turning fast, and backlight has failed.... other then that thumbs up...shoudl be easy making patches etc...however one thing from the java editor....can you store patches? also i may have overlooked this, but how can you see your patch list per bank? (refering to new editor)
  4. emulator + sammich ...HELP

    ok guys WinVICE-2.1 is the most stable with the latest dll Nils so kindly provided, my WinVICE-2.2-x64 crashed a few times shortly after playing a game so i went back a revision and all semms fine but some abnormalities, for example after a crash. the volume will be real low trying to use the sammich + emulator etc....on/off on sammich fixes that. Thanks again Nils for the dll,
  5. emulator + sammich ...HELP

    hello , Thank you nils, i was simply after some information, sorry if my impatience has offended anyone, but i really want to egt my sammich working with my emulators for a true authentic sid sound, will report back on my findings incase it will help anyone else.
  6. emulator + sammich ...HELP

    Any one?
  7. emulator + sammich ...HELP

    hello can anybody help me out in regards to a working emulator and hardsid.dll combo that works? any specific settings in the emulator like burstmode......... i really need some help windows 7 64bit....my asidxp is working perfectly fine playing .sid files yet emulators with the latest hardsid.dll will play 1-3 notes then freeze....... Thanks can someone attach a working combo.......or some help will be very much appreciated...
  8. Another way of playing .sid files

    hello just to resurect this, im trying to use a sammichSID for my emulation duties , but when the game loads it plays about a second of sound then freezes the emulator , ive tried all the builds of winvice i can find, also all the builds of CCS64, is there a older version of the hardsid.dll i can try? as i cannot get it working , my asidxp plays back sids just fine so i dont know where the problem lies. Thanks